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  1. Vexet

    [HIRING] Video animator

    I am in contact with companies that wants animated videos. Basically you have to make an animated video of what a company can provide of service. What I have to know about you: Where you are from and where you work from. If it's possible to call you in person. I need some kind of portfolio of...
  2. Vexet

    How do you rank over Trustpilot reviews?

    God this is the second time I write an article review on something, and I keep competing with Trustpilot review... Some days I am above and other days they are... What do I do here?
  3. Vexet

    Ranking in scandinavia

    Basically title says it all. How the f*** do you rank in scandinavia apart from on-page SEO? Like link-building is a disaster for scandinavia.
  4. Vexet

    I have a facebook account with 70k followers

    So basically I have this account with 70k followers (legit) and I really don't know what to use it for, any suggestions? Since I know nothing about social media marketing or facebook ads, I could use some help. What I know is SEO nothing else tbh :D
  5. Vexet

    What web hosts allows porn sites?

    Yeah title says it all :D
  6. Vexet

    I want to create a porn website.

    Where do I get the host that allows this?! I can't use my host that I use for my other websites, since I am quite sure they won't allow.
  7. Vexet

    Where can I buy the best fake followers?

    Title says it all guys. Don't promote your own fake followers. I just need advice where to buy the best quality fake followers. I bought from two different sites, I got the followers immediately, but 2 days after I lost them all at once, once I changed my profile to private again. Thank you in...
  8. Vexet

    VPS in short

    What exactly is VPS in short terms? And how would you generate income from it?
  9. Vexet

    How do I monetize a quiz page?

    Question is guys, how do I monetize a quiz page? I am currently building a page, with a lot of quizes like tests, personality test, OCD test, and so on. Question is, how do I monetize it once it gets a lot of visitors?
  10. Vexet

    Great success with affiliate, but want to try something else... IG?

    Hey guys. Basically I've been in the affiliate market for quite some time now, I have two sites with small niches that generate a 15-30$dollars each day (in total). I figured I'm ranking at the top for these niches and done so for quite some time. It's all on autopilot, meaning there are two...
  11. Vexet

    New to instagram best tips to avoid getting banned?

    New to instagram best tips to avoid getting banned? Title says it all guys, also, I bought this account with tons of random people that I'm following, it takes ages to unfollow all, what can I do about it? And is it safe?
  12. Vexet

    Need one consistent writer (read description)

    Hi. I am currently looking for 1 consistent writer, who can write 3-4 articles a week (Not tech related). Although I have some needs: -No indians (sorry, not trying to be rude here) -Phillipines is perfect -Must have great writing skills and copyscape skills -Each article is around 500-1000...
  13. Vexet

    Need a dude who can create creative infographs

    Title says it all, my only requirements are that you write to me with a sample, otherwise feel free! :-)
  14. Vexet

    Starting CPA, How does it work?

    Hi. I could really use some help with CPA. I am currently using amazon affiliate and has 3 sites up running. But I would love to try out CPA. Anyone who can help me? PM or skype: shekshekshek
  15. Vexet

    Looking for writers, please read for more details

    Hi Guys. I am currently looking for a writer. I have a few requirements: MUST be an English native speaker, meaning no Indians, Bangladesh or so. ( I am targeting USA, so I need mostly people from USA or Phillipines. Has experience with content writing keyword optimzation and SEO optimization...
  16. Vexet

    Looking For Workers (Forum Posting)

    Hi, I need my site to rank and I will give money for each 5 forum posts you make with my anchor text linked to my page! It is quite simple and easy. Although I need you to be from either Europe or America. I need someone dedicated. The job is NOT just going into a random forum posting my link...
  17. Vexet

    [Hire] An experienced writer for Amazon product reviews

    I need an experienced writer for amazon product reviews. Not to be rude, I don't want an Indian writer, since I've had 20 of them and I feel as if they are all the same. Skype: Shekshekshek
  18. Vexet

    Add my skype for reddit upvote

    Simply here to upvote peoples posts on reddit, just add shekshekshek on skype and I will do it.