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    You thought your camera was good?

    Check this out. Its a crowd of people and you can zoom right onto their face. Not sure why im sharing this, Its Friday night and Im bored...
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    Manchester United fire David Moyes

    Surprising move? Would like to hear your guys opinions
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    How do you automatically change small i into big I ( i > I) on Chrome

    Weirdly enough Internet explorer has this feature but chrome doesn't seem to have it. I want to change i into a large I when typing in first person eg. Where do i go to eat ---> Where do I go to eat I tried Google but its the hardest thing to search for, i cant seem to get an answer. The...
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    Got myself a car... i love IM

    Hello everyone, iv been busy with driving lessons for the past few months. Last week i passed my practical exam and last night i bought myself a new car. No more buses for me:)
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    Why do YOU think Facebook bought WhatsApp

    As you may or may not know Facebook bought Whatsapp a few days ago and i have a report to write on it. I need suggestions to why they may have bought it. Here is my view: I think they bought it because from personal experience people who use whatsapp tend not to have facebook (my family all do...
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    Anyone know how to prevent nosebleeds?

    Ok so for the past month iv been having some really bad nosebleeds almost everyday and when i say bad i mean pouring blood not just dripping. Anyway it has really been bothering me and its kinda embarrassing because it can hit at anytime. For example this morning in my lecture my nose decided to...
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    Smart eBay Hacker...

    I was looking to buy myself a new iphone and i came across this guys ebay shop: As you can see he has a gold iphone listed but when you click on the item, it re-directs you to a fake ebay login page. I was almost going to put in my ebay username and...
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    Doing IM standing up..Help me

    Insane leg workout today at the gym cant even sit down. Im working on my laptop standing up and i hate it, any suggestions?
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    Obsessed with not spending a $

    Im not sure whats wrong with me. All the money i make online, i just pile it all up in my bank account and not spend a penny of it. And the most annoying part is that im not actually saving up for anything, i just look at it everyday like an idiot lol. The only thing i spend it on is basic...
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    Confused by the term turnover

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    Selling a site that will go down eventually

    Hello guys, I am planning to sell a website that i own on flippa. I was wondering if i sell it say this week for $10,000 and next month the website gets penalized on google. Can the buyer file a dispute and claim his money back?
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    PR 5 domain or PR 5 post...

    Hello im testing out a new SEO strategy im working on and i need BHW's advice or views on. Basically would you rather have a domain with PR 5 but a post (with a backink to your site) with a PR0 OR A domain name with PR 0 but a post (with your backlink) at PR 5. Just wondering what people...
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    Need urgent Java help (easy)

    Im looking for urgent help in a java task i have for college. Its fairly basic but i have no idea what im doing. I need someone to talk to on skype about it. Thanks
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    Need someone who can TOP COMMENT on Youtube.

    I have an excellent plan that can get a viral script EXTREMELY viral and we will be using youtube top comments to kick start the traffic. I need someone who is serious about making alot of money in the next few days and can top comment a comment on youtube quickly and efficiently. PM me if...
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    Biggest Distractions when working on IM Projects?

    For me its Youtube. Its so annoying sometimes im writing a post or article and next minute im streaming videos that iv already seen before. What's your biggest distraction? PS. I quit Facebook a few years ago when i had my high school exams, and iv never been on it since. Thank god because at...
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    New Eminem Album! (MMLP2).. New Single Teaser!

    Cant fuckin wait for his new album, he posted a new teaser for his new single (which comes out tomorrow) called Berzerk. He sounds like the good old Slim Shady!
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    Paypal closed my account (not disputable) :(

    I started selling on eBay recently to make some extra cash for the summer, turns out to be the worst summer ever. Over 80% of the items I sold got returned. Anyway Paypal found out, limited my account then closed it. I phoned them and they said that the account was permanently closed and there...
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    The Hangover 3- Did you like it?

    Just came back from the cinema. I thought it was the funniest out of all the Hangovers. Zack (Alan) was hilarious, if he wasnt in it, the movie would be nothing. Anybody else see it? What was your favourite scene(s)?
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    Adobe After Effects problem.

    Hi, iv been trying to render a 40 second wedding video on After Effects and its taking around 3 hours to do so. Iv tried different formats and settings but nothing seems to be speeding it up. Does anyone know how to speed up the rendering process? thanks
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    Google Keyword Tool not working? Or just me?

    Edit: Please ignore, managed to get it working again.