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    Earned $1000 last month

    Hello Everyone I thought I would make a quick post that I hope will motivate others. July was the first month since 2012-2013 I earned over $1000 from SEO. I took a long break from IM in 2014 to focus on other projects and my day job but returned during 2020. While I missed the goal I had set...
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    Scrapebox not providing US results

    I'm new to scrapebox, I've been successfully scraping Google with mpp proxies for the past month. I'm interested in analysing the results for some keywords based on US users but I'm only getting results as if I'm in the UK. I'm UK based with US proxies, I feel I should get US results but I do...
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    Low percentage of proxy servers work

    I'm completely new to using proxies, I signed up to on the free plan to try them out with scrapebox. Only 1\10 actually worked on scraping Google, is this normal for shared proxies or have I just been unlucky?
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    Filter irrelevant keywords

    Hello everyone I'm doing some analysis on a wide selection of keywords, the problem I've got is my csv that I've created based of the results of different tools, ahref, semrush, answer the public, etc contains entries that are completely irrelevant to the subject area. For example, if the...
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    More ads or paid promotional material than publisher-content

    I've just had "More ads or paid promotional material than publisher-content" from adsense on one of my pages, is Google getting stricter on this as its the first time I've received it and I've had pages in the past with even less content that still had the ads on
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    How long should I give Ezoic before ditching it

    I've been running adsense on this site for a couple of years and making reasonable money from it, thought I would give ezoic a go based on the higher earnings people report but so far its pretty much the same perhaps a little lower. Since swapping to ezoic I've notice annoying little bugs on my...
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    Sex Toy Niche

    Asking for a friend... ;) Those of you that are in the sex toy niche how do you find buying links and content? Is it harder due to the topic, do providers consider the sex toy niche as adult content.
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    Reddit Link Click Tracking

    I'm investigating how much interest there is in a particular niche and if it is worth following up. The main source of traffic would be reddit, I'm not really a reddit user so this is all new to me. Is there a way to view how many times a link has been clicked? I don't own the site I'm linking...
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    This request looks like it might be automated.

    I recently created a twitter account for one of my websites, I manually sent one tweet and two retweets. Now all I get is "This request looks like it might be automated. To protect our users from spam and other malicious activity, we can’t complete this action right now. Please try again later."...
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    Weird Forum Backlinks

    Hi Guys I've been working on a particular project for a little while now, approaching the year mark and it has been a slow and painful process but I'm comparing it to the last site I launched like this back in 2012, ah good times. Anyway its been so slow that when 8 new backlinks pop up, I...
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    Guest Post Links

    Hi I've just purchased a guest post and I was allowed two links, I added one to my homepage (brand) and another to a post (keyword) and submitted but then I thought would it be better and look more natural to have one of the links to an industry authority. What are your thoughts? Thanks
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    Home page ranks articles don't

    Hi everyone Something strange I've noticed is occasionally I will publish an article on my site, while the article sits on the homepage (shows latest articles), the home page will rank well for the keyword (low comp) then when it drops off the homepage the article doesn't rank. It is indexed...
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    Expired Domain Spam Score

    I'm looking to launch a new site, I've found a DR 26 expired domain, the name is relevant to my niche, the old site sold equipment to my target audience. I was planning to go for it but Moz says its spam score is 68%, this higher than any of my other sites. What do you guys think is this too high?
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    Change in Article frequency

    How does Google view a change in the frequency of posting articles? I've got a new site only a few months old, I've been posting a 1k word article weekly. As we're approaching summer my niche is going to become more active and I'm thinking about increasing to 3 articles a week but then dropping...