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  1. alexhaze

    Need backlink builder for my websites

    I can help you in that. For more information, pm me or skype: [email protected]
  2. alexhaze

    Need someone to website support & Social Media

    I am interested, please PM me with the details.
  3. alexhaze

    back2form - Master List of Guest blogs for Free! - This thread is now closed.

    OP I am interested. please count me in if this giveaway is still open. Thank you very much.
  4. alexhaze

    Looking for a marketer that'll help me grow my business

    Interested PM sent with Skype ID.
  5. alexhaze

    Looking to get an answer to the Top on Quora

    Hey mate, If your are looking for upvotes then you can PM me. We can talk further.
  6. alexhaze

    [Giveaway] Backlink Report To All BHW Member

    Thanks Mate got my report, Nice giveaway.
  7. alexhaze

    Looking for low cost virtual assistants

    I am interested, please count me in.
  8. alexhaze

    Seeking Experienced VA

    PM sent, Lets discuss more about the project on skype.
  9. alexhaze

    [Giveaway] Free Keywords for your niche (Google Suggestions)

    Count me in my niche is : Cheap mobile devices
  10. alexhaze

    How we can create backlinks ?

    To make best quality backlinks you must have to get PBNs, guest post, blog post, Social shares, bookmarks, Some tier2 to all these mentioned links. Make this in the regular basis to get better results.
  11. alexhaze

    Need help implementing few things in my website

    There is one more plugin available called " ARmember wordpress plugin" Work for the all the requirements that you need.
  12. alexhaze

    About Google Index

    Index that page independently on webmaster tool.
  13. alexhaze

    what kind of videos should i upload on youtube to earn money

    There are so many niches where you can get the good audience on youtube. you must focus on making good content for your video which will attract more viewers for your video.
  14. alexhaze

    web 2.0 tool?

    I Dont think there is any kind of tool for making automatic web2.0 and also if there is one then let me know It is very helpful for me.
  15. alexhaze

    looking for web2.0 creation service

    PM sent. Looking forward for the reply.
  16. alexhaze

    [Help] Want to monetize 100k verified email ID's

    Easy Sell on BHW marketplace or find someone in hire a freelancer section of BHW who wants some mail ID's.
  17. alexhaze

    Selling SEO services vs Starting your own business?

    Prefer both for your constant income.
  18. alexhaze

    What is the Best Tools for Link Building...

    PBN and guest posting for tier1 link building. For tier 2 use scrapebox most effective.
  19. alexhaze

    Finding Keyword

    Out of all Google keyword planner and Ahref are the best to get Keywords of your requirement.
  20. alexhaze

    Which SEO Method nowadays effectively work?

    Unique and user-oriented content with long tail keywords, also get high quality Backlinks most probably Guest post, social shares, Blog posts etc. will help you.