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  1. Salmondav

    Your eBay seller+ my digital product, we share profit!

    i have ebay seller accounts from 2008 , send me detail
  2. Salmondav

    [Free Giveaway] 100 Facebook Accounts

    Thank you , please i want fb
  3. Salmondav

    CPA Journey! $0-$50 per Day!

    thank you , please can you share with me your setting after and before warmup in GMT2 ??
  4. Salmondav

    Log-in new account IG

    Hi all , i create new account in my computer after 2 day i want to add this account in GMT2 , but i got this message !!! i got the message (The username you entered doesn't belong to an account. Please check your username and try again.) PS : The account work fine in my computer !
  5. Salmondav

    [AMA] Instagram Growing Automation CPA Monetization

    What is the best stratigie to warmup the new account ig before adding the link in bio ?
  6. Salmondav

    {Journey} IG + CPI/CPA

    what is the best stratigie you use for warmup ? , are you adding the link in bio after warmup or before warmup ? thank you
  7. Salmondav

    [Follow Me] IG journey 100$/day

    thank you for your reply ,please i want for warm-up and after warm-up<3
  8. Salmondav

    iGramTool ★ Instagram account creator ★ create bulk accounts

    i wan´t to test your service : my user : salmondav
  9. Salmondav

    [Follow Me] IG journey 100$/day

    any update bro ? can you share with me your setting in jovree
  10. Salmondav - Boost your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and other profiles in minutes!

    I want to test your service , my username : sarahoxi
  11. Salmondav

    My Instagram NEWBIE journey (5k$ per month)

    I have one best idea for you , you can add one facebook pixel in your website after you can do retargeting with fbads