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  1. Rafiki59

    The September 2022 core update (Here We Go Again!)

    I have gained positions on keywords in my favourite theme and lost some in others, overall very happy for now
  2. Rafiki59

    I've never seen Star Wars or Star Trek. What should I start with and why?

    You should first see Stargate definitely
  3. Rafiki59

    Google Update - May 27th 2022 - What I Have Noticed

    It seems that sites with quality backlinks have stood up well to the update. Even with the higher quality articles, sites with no or insufficient quality backlinks have been hit hard.
  4. Rafiki59

    Google Update - May 27th 2022 - What I Have Noticed

    I have noticed that websites without backlinks, even clean and whitehat, have been hardly affected by thos update, I have lost 50-60% of my traffic for amazon sites 0 backlinks
  5. Rafiki59

    Why am i losing my keywords?

    It could be 4 results penalty, did you check with site:yoursite to see if the pages are indexed ?
  6. Rafiki59

    WTF is happening with google ?

    I see also a ranking bounce on my sites, not all but it keeps fluctuate and moving, I believe this major update take a bit of time to setup. I did nothing and change nothing on my sites
  7. Rafiki59

    The Hardest Hit Website From The Last Update

    I'm still chocked by this update aswell, and the worst part is I see lot of pbn and expired domain with trash content doing very well
  8. Rafiki59

    How you have been affected by May 2022 Broad Core Update?

    Traffic 40% down amazon affiliate in France in globality, I was hit hard, somes sites even drop 80% down
  9. Rafiki59

    How was the latest Google update?

    yeah it's a bit sad, you should do nothing right now, it is too early to take any actions. Your traffic could come back fully next week, who knows ?
  10. Rafiki59

    Do frequent Google updates demotivate you as a blogger?

    multiples websites, idk yet, somes tanked the update and were not affected at all, I will wait to see what is going on with the affected one the next weeks. I'm not doing anything more than continuing my work for now, as if nothing had happened
  11. Rafiki59

    Do frequent Google updates demotivate you as a blogger?

    I'm a bit like you, I have been hit hard with this update and I think only to move on and keep working because I have nothing else to do, and I don't want come back in a full time job ps: but I have to admit, I want to cry anyway x)
  12. Rafiki59

    Yet Another Google Update! God Help US!

    Yes, indeed. The content is good though, I'll wait for the end of the update to see more clearly
  13. Rafiki59

    Yet Another Google Update! God Help US!

    I have been hit very hard too especially on my amazon sites, some of my sites have lost a lot of ranking. Please tell me this is just a nightmare ps : I don't have a lot of backlinks on these sites or not at all although they were ranking in top position, I think it's maybe due to the lack of links
  14. Rafiki59

    LINKDEXING ✅ The link Indexer that works.✅ Upto 90% Indexing Rate [Period]⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    My little review, I don't hide that I was very sceptical so I paid the minimum 5$ to test it and after 48h almost all my articles on my fresh money sites ( 3 month old ) were indexed, considering how it is hard to index nowadays without backlinks, I'm very happy of your services and I will...
  15. Rafiki59

    Discovered - currently not indexed ---- how do you solve this issue?

    Hey, I was in the same case as you for a dozen new small sites (between 10 and 30 articles), none of them wanted to be indexed or very weakly for 4 months, I used a relatively inexpensive indexing service found on bhw and almost everything was indexed in less than 48 hours, I'm too happy
  16. Rafiki59

    How many of you have given up on online money making?

    I have to admit that it's very difficult to start from scratch and start making money, and don't think that only the beginning will be difficult - it's not a smooth ride even with a business under way. I myself was tempted to give up recently especially because of the latest google updates but...
  17. Rafiki59

    Anyone site: only 4 results indexed penalty now?

    not necessarily, as many sites use the migration function for legit reasons, for example for rebranding reasons, big brands are sometimes forced to change their domain name with tens of thousands of pages to migrate Well yes unfortunately the penalty can come back, the only advice I can give is...
  18. Rafiki59

    Anyone site: only 4 results indexed penalty now?

    getting new links will not help you get out of this penalty, if you want to build new links it is better to do it on your new site once you have migrated and wait at least 3 months to see if the penalty does not return