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  1. brucelee4

    What's the longest your site disappeared from top 100 and came back?

    What's the longest your site disappeared from top 100 for a particular keyword, or set of keywords, and came back, and did you do anything or left it alone?
  2. brucelee4

    WTB Real instagram likes $0.1/k

    im looking for a long term supplier who can provide me real Instagram likes that are instant (actually real with stories & activity) for high volume order submission. You will need to have API access, and minimum order of 50 per URL abilities. Serious inquiries only! Please message me if...
  3. brucelee4

    You setup/manage payment processing for high risk industry. I focus on marketing.

    Looking for a partner preferably in the US to setup high risk payment processing for a SMM website. I could almost ensure orders, and will be investing good money into the project, but i need a trustable partner to setup high risk payment processing with a stealth anti-fraud system, will need a...
  4. brucelee4

    Is page 6 rank position considered sandbox?

    What do you guys think, what entails being placed in Google's Sandbox? Seems like everyone has a different explanation
  5. brucelee4

    PayPal alternative for site selling tiktok fans?

    Any payment processor like PayPal to accept social media services?
  6. brucelee4

    R.I.P. Bill Slawski..

    The world, the SEO community, and dearest family & friends lost a legend today. Director of SEO research & founder of SEO By The SEA has sadly passed away. Grateful to have had you with us providing intelligent insight to many around the world, farewell Bill.
  7. brucelee4

    Strongest type of link?

    In your opinion, what do you think is the strongest type of link (besides guest posting & PBNs) Is there stronger?
  8. brucelee4

    Anyone ever lose ranks on a specific keyword?

    What does this mean, when you’ve lost ranks from top 30 to no where on one keyword, but long tail keywords for that page are thriving? Should I worry or wait? Anyone ever experience this?
  9. brucelee4

    Anyone else feel like their rankings are "stuck" lol

    Now before you give me the obvious "SEO takes time", i get that. But usually, rankings at least do some dancin' around, It's been almost a month since i seen a big update on rankings. The latest Google update is a weird one for sure. Thoughts?
  10. brucelee4


    This is driving me NUTS! My website is newly built (on an aged domain) i am noticing the blog posts are not indexing, i checked the sitemap/robots, WP is not blocking, i unchecked all boxed. What could be the issue? Anyone ever encounter this, what did you do to fix? plz help! >: