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    Any link strategy (low competitors) for listing site?

    Hello, we have a listing site with many listings a day. We are looking for an easy backlink strategy that is affordable when having hundreds of listings a month. Is there a service you can recommend me you have good experience with? Currently we list the project, it will get indexed in Google...
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    page indexed in page #2 quickly, little competition, how to gain quick gains?

    Hi there! Can you recommend me a service or tactic what we should do to get our page boosted in short term? We have fairly new website but the competition is very little.. we post blog posts on a daily basis and we have static pages as well (listings posted on a daily basis). Google is...
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    Any comments service recommendation?

    Hi guys, I see a lot of IG services in the marketplace. Can anyone recommend me a good service provider for comments? I need to make 20-30 comments per post.
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    Recommend me a computer in the cloud

    Hi there, I would like to run an application on Windows but I cannot run it since I have Mac. Now I am looking for a windows computer in the cloud that I can use with a monthly fee. Can anyone recommend me this, please? Thanks in advance!
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    Analyze competitor's growth possible?

    Hi all, I am currently researching an Instagram tool where I can analyze competitor's growth metrics like: growth of followers per month in last x months etc. Unfortunately I have not found a tool with success yet. I am wondering if these tools exists. So far I have found...
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    Help needed; which emailing tool is this in my screenshot?

    Hi guys, I was hoping there are people here that are known with email marketing software/tool and can tell me which emailing software this is, see screenshot here: Thanks in advance and I hope someone recognize this!
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    Bot suggestion for Mac?

    Hi guys, I am finally willing to give it a try to do IG marketing. Now I am researching for a bot, but since I am running a Mac it seems it's not that easy to find a bot. Any suggestions for a working bot on Mac? Thanks in advance.
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    What followers ratio do you have experience?

    Hi guys, I was wondering what kind of follower ratio you are experiencing when: - you only like posts with hashtag x without following the user - you like posts with hashtag x and follow the user Another question regarding engagement; when 2.8% of my IG followers are liking my posts is...
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    Looking for an Instagram service provider

    Hi, I am looking for a provider that can build my Instagram account (brand) for branding purpose. I do not need as much as followers; I need targeted followers. Can you recommend me a service where the following will be done: - when for e.g. an Instagram user posted an image with hashtag #BMW...
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    May I know your opinion on my new teaser video?

    Hi all, My new video creator made this video (with my supervision) in just an afternoon. What do you think of the quality of this output for a launch video of a new blog next week? - I was wondering whether 28 seconds video is too long for a teaser? Should it better be 10-15 seconds...
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    How to boost this teaser video on social media?

    Hi guys, My video creator has made this video for my client. I am happy with the result, see here: Can anyone recommend me what I can do in order to boost this video on social media platforms? It's a simple teaser video for introducing blog site launch next...
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    What would you do with a few thousand 'warm' leads?

    Hey guys, Since offline marketing/sales is different than online marketing/sales I am wondering what you would do when having 3K warm leads? Leads of small businesses throughout the country (I can basically drive through my country in 1 day) where the businesses have indicated a year ago that...
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    From PR6 to PR2 (Due to redesign website) what can I do?

    Hi BH'ers, Can anyone advice me what the best to do when a client of mine lost his PR6 to PR2 2 years ago because of a redesign. I understand it will be hard to get the old PR6 back but maybe it's possible to get some PR back. I assume the problem is because of having valuable pages on the...
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    Anyone that can provide me Youtube likes right now?

    Hi Guys, I am looking for anyone who can provide me Youtube likes for a specific comment and my uploaded video. I need them to get started with likes right now.. PM me if you can provide me and if you accept Moneybookers or let me pay with Paypal credit card without logging in. Thanks!
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    Who can create a buzz for me on FB in order to support my friend in jail from Megaupload?

    Hi guys, My friend from Megaupload knows as Bramos is in jail now as he has been arrested by the FBI in New Zealand. We as friends started a FB page and Youtube video. We would like to create a buzz around Facebook and hopefully in blogs around the world. Who can help me with this as I am...
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    Any Megaupload fans here? Support my friend Bramos from Megaupload..

    Hi guys, You all have heard the news about Megaupload.. Me as a member of this forum for a long while now would like to ask your support for my friend Bramos from Megaupload.. As for family and friends we cannot do a lot anymore, but as a friend I can give him support though. I have created...
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    Twitter Search API plugin for Wordpress?

    Hi guys, I need your help about the following: I am thinking about creating a website just like It's a job offering site that shows tweets tagged with the hashtag #vacatures, which means "vacancy". Does anyone know how to setup this for my own not-yet-established site...
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    Can I beat my competitors? (MS competitors graphic included)

    Hi guys, I am trying to target my blog for a longtail keyword phrase. See the screenshot for the top-10 competition. My site is currently at #6 for the longtail keyword and as you can see I am the only player with the targeted keyword in title, url, desc and head and I have 76 bls to my page...
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    Why don't G find my Squidoo backlinks?

    Hi guys, I am trying to get backlinks from my Squidoo lenses I've created a few months ago to my website. Unfortunately without success so far. I have build around 200 - 500 backlinks to each Squidoo lens since about 4 months ago. The Squidoo lens has been indexed in Google, but G won't...
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    According to Matt Cutts EMD is a bit over guys..

    Hi guys, so what's up with this? Anyone noticed struggles while ranking with a (new) EMD? Yesterday I came across to this video where Matt Cutts says at 2:20 in the video: ?So we have been thinking about adjusting that mix a bit and sort of turning the knob down within the algorithm, so that...