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    [Help]Sitemap problem

    Initially my site have this problem in search console 'Indexed, though blocked by robots.txt'. I have validated robots.txt in SC again. Next day, Google SC indicated error in sitemap. When i submitted manually, it is showing error of ' sitemap empty'. I manually checked sitemap link generated...
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    Amazon and Adsense in a website advisable?

    I have targeted my website for Amazon USA. I am getting traffic from other countries where amazon not available for that country. I want to use adsense in my website. If i keep adsense ads, whether it leads to less conversions for Amazon? Any suggestions?
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    Can i use content from expired domain like this?

    I got a expired domain which has good content on it. When i searched some piece of content with " " in google only one site indexing it. The website is . Can i use this content on my money site?
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    [Help] Got SSL certificate-What are the things to take care?

    I Got SSL certificate through new hosting account. Earlier my websites are with http version only. Now i did 301 redirect all types to https using .htaccess. Whether i have to update https domain in GWT also? Any chance of drop in rankings? Am i missing anything? Please help.
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    Can i buy TMDhosting? please share your views

    I am using namecheap hosting now and it will expire soon. I am planning to buy TMDhosting (shared) bussiness type price $5.95 / month. Share your views on TMDhosting regarding speed and hack safe compliant.
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    Number of affiliate links safe to use for SEO?

    How many affiliate links are safe to use on web page of 1000 words article to avoid penalty from google?
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    [Help] Informative article is ranking better than Best article

    In my website Informative article is ranking better than Best article for main keyword. For example i have an general informative article and "Best XXXX" article on website. I have interlinked from informative article with "Best XXXX" as anchor text to my "Best XXXX" article. Informative article...
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    Ranking issue of home page: please suggest

    I am using "best + keyword" for home page with pillar article around 2000 words. I have one more pillar article for "best + small+keyword". Home page article:"best + keyword" 1.It is not ranking for "best + keyword" or "Keyword + Review" 2. It is ranking for secondary keywords and some long...
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    Few questions on Web 2.0

    I am thankful to BHW community as i learnt so much from it.I had few doubts about Web 2.0. 1.Is it necessary to use proxies while creating and posting on Web 2.0 to protect us from footprint tracking by google? 2.If yes to first question whether we have to use different proxy for each type of...
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    [Noobs only]Earn Guaranteed 10$ easily for 1 hour work [Payment proof attached]

    This post is for Noobs to earn some bucks. I tried this and it is working.I have ordered payment of 5 $ before they have approved my blog post and youtube video. That's why 5$ payment proof.Total points in my account 1300 (13$) Payment proof: Earnably is a very good website...
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    Earn 22.88 $ in few minutes almost instant [proof attached] which is very hot now by which you can earn 22 $ to $$$ unlimited money.I have attached proof. It has many offers which do not need money to get cash back.For simple sign up you will get cash back. All of the sign up approved almost instantly. I request you to register...
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    Earn upto 12$ for joining and refer friend earn upto 35$- proof attached(earned 359.25$)

    Dear friends, I am going to explain you about bitgold (a millionaire company) website which pays upto 12$ (0.25 grams of gold) depends on country just for joining. They will pay upto 35.25$(depends on country) for referring others through their affiliate program. Upto now i earned...
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    which domain registrar is best?

    Actually i thought to register 1 domain with Godaddy but i have seen bad reviews in google about godaddy. Can i proceed with godaddy? This is the first time iam buying domain. Any tips?
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    Needed WP theme High CTR (adsense)

    I want to design new blog about health tips. Can anybody suggest best WP theme for high CTR especially for adsense.
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    [Method] Earn 2$ by spending 1 min ( Fail safe 100% Works) Instant pay

    Dear friends, I want to contribute to BHW alittle with this post, as i learnt so much from here.please encourage me. This method is especially for Newbies.This investment can be used for buying Domains etc. By scaling up this method u can $$ even more. 1. Go to and...
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    looking for JV .I have cpa account-75% for u

    i have cpa account,but most of the offers are US/UK etc.i want u to promote these offers u can get 75% what we made? pm me if interested.
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    how to access orkut if blocked?

    my admin blocked orkut.i need to access orkut.i tried many proxies but nothing worked.most of the proxies opening homepage of orkut.after i entering username & password it is showing "requested page or url is invalid". plz suggest me software or proxy to access orkut.
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    can we install DMR in blogger or WP?

    i did not have domain and hosting. i have blogs in wordpress and in it possible to install double meta refresher php code in any blogger or WP? plz reply
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    how to get approved with revresponse?

    i used my forum i did not get approved.i have a blog,will they approve me using blog? i want affliate account with . plz help me.i did not have any sites.
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    AC declined 2 aricles and asked me to edit andsubmit again.what changes can i make?

    the reasons for declination are * Thank you for your submission. Unfortunately, we cannot publish this piece as is. Please refrain from capitalizing all letters anywhere in your submission per our Formatting Guidelines. * Thank you for your submission. While we believe this content...