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    Building a private blog network

    Guys, I am in the process of building my own blog network, but was wondering if it matters if I buy domains with PR with completely off topic domains. Basically I only have clients in 3 niches and want to build networks for them, but it is really hard to find high PR old domains which are in...
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    Need Google Places Reviews

    Guys, I am looking for a company or provider that can do reviews for me on Google Places and other local directory review sites. You of course will need your own accounts, proxies, etc. I need a lot of them so if there is anyone out there that provides this service or has a software that...
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    Can't get 1st page results anymore?

    1-2 months I am not able to get good results anymore. I have been blasting lots of sites and have been having success with Xrumer for the past 8-9 months, but it seems lately sites stop responding. I have been blasting non stop for the past month without any progress on a couple sites. The...
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    Protecting our SEO work- 301 redirect

    I have some questions about a 301 redirect and protecting all the work that I am doing for offline seo clients. I have contracts, but it still seems tough to get all of them to pay all the time. Basically what I want to do is protect all the work that I am doing for them building thousands...
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    Best Software for Client Reports

    I have a lot of clients now and need to be able to send fancy monthly reports that look really good. What can I do to accomplish this. What is the best software out there for this?
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    Xrumer and Google Places/Maps

    Guys, I am already really good at organic rankings using xrumer, but I really need to figure out a way to use Xrumer to dominate the maps as well. Is there a way to use xrumer to rank well on the maps? I was thinking maybe citations or backlinking to a KML or something. Anyone ever try this...
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    1 keyword/Page Sandboxed

    Guys, have you seen situations where one keyword phrase is sandboxed or danced? This is currently happening with one of my sites. The page is ranking for about 30 different keywords, but the main keyword with the real traffic is no where to be found anymore. I am seeing this happen with one...
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    Trouble Hosting 50 websites

    Guys, I am trying to figure out the best way to host 50 websites. I am currently signed up for a Godaddy shared hosting account. They allow unlimited domains, but the problem is there is one main domain and then everything else I guess is sub domains. For example My main site...
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    scrapebox 100% failure rate?

    Guys, just recently I downloaded some updates on scrapebox and now I am gettting a 100% failure rate with scrapebox. Before it would build 15k successes with a blast and now nothing. It this a scrapebox issue that anyone else is having?
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    301 Redirect- One Page Only?

    Guys, I want to do a 301 redirect, but I want to do it for one page only and I was wondering if that was possible. Basically I have a site that is ranking really well for a term. When people click on my page in Google I want to redirect them to my clients site. Is that possible doing it for...
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    Manual Links vs. Spamming

    Guys, I am having some struggles ranking for some keywords. It seems like hit or miss with xrumer profiles. Some of the keywords rank easily and almost instantly while other get stuck on page 3,4,5,etc' So I have started manual link building where I am only building links on high PR pages. In...
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    Scrabebox error

    Guys, I just starting using scrapebox, but after harvesting a couple url's I started having issues. I am getting a "error 403 forbidden" when I try and check the page rank of the inner pages of a URL. Is this because I am not using proxies or am I doing something else wrong. It work perfect the...
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    PR Checking Tool

    Guys, I am looking for a tool that can check all the pages of a website that have PR. For example you could put in Zappos dot com and it would pull a report with all the urls for zappos that have PR. Does anyone know of a tool like this? Check PR for websites, but not just the homepage...
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    Xrumer blasts removed all PR?

    Guys, just wondering if anyone has seen xrumer profile blasts cause a site to loose PR. I recently did some blasts and saw this happen which seems really weird to me. Any advice or reasoning would be greatly appreciated. These were all established older sites that had PR3 , PR2 and PR1.
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    Xrumer Signatures Not Working

    Guys, I am using Xrumer to build profiles, but there is only one type of forum where the signature actually works. Most all of the forums when I check the profile the link wasn't actually installed. Currently the only type of forum where the signature is actually work is SMF. Any help or...
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    XRumer Issues

    Guys, I am having been using Xrumer for the past day or so and I just started having some issues today. Everytime I log into xrumer it gives me this error and kicks me out. Authorization error - check your logins and password I don't know what to do as I log into the dedicated server no...
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    Xrumer Complaints?

    Guys, I am about to buy xrumer, have some very important questions that I need help with. Yes, I have read every thread on here about Xrumer, but need some advice. Basically I am going to be using Xrumer on my client's websites to do a lot of profile backlinks. These clients have real...
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    Bookmarking Demon vs. AutoPligg

    Guys, I am having a hard time deciding between Autopligg and Bookmarking demon. Which one is better and why? They are around the same price and I am looking for something that works without a lot of problems. Thanks again for any info on this debate.
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    Best Content Generator/Scraper

    Guys, I have done a search, but didn't really find what I was looking for. Basically I need content for hundreds of sites, social 2.0 sites and blogs, but don't have the money for unique good content. What I need is some type of scraper or content generator that will pull information from...