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    Found my Competitor's PBN

    Hey everyone, so I'm researching my competitors and ran into 2 blogs from their PBN (as of now). To get to the point, I've waived off the thought of trying to sabotage their PBN. Figured I may as well play the game fair. But was wondering what would you do or have you done in this situation?
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    SEO Theory - Revolutionary or Trash?

    I've been looking over my SEO process recently along with other things to find ways that I can expand or improve. I also, simultaneously, went through a period of time where I binge-listened to Tony Robbins podcast. I'm not sure which episode it was or if it was even from the podcast (though I...
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    Just an SEO rant - Keywords Bouncing/Dancing

    I'm not looking for advice, nor want to explain much so I placed it on this subforum. I've literally been bouncing in the SERP's since I've started. Not once have any of my keywords been stable for more than 3 days. My SEO isn't too shabby if I may say so myself. I'm targetting over 60...
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    Reference & Quora Link Provider Needed!

    I'm looking for someone who's able to get me links on the two forums/websites mentioned in the title (Quora and Reference). I've noticed that these two sites are competitors of mine and we're both stuck on page 1 but I believe by getting links from those pages themselves I will, hopefully, go up...
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    Hoping this isn't the wrong sub-forum to post this thread at I'll simply state what's needed and hopefully we can PM each other or communicate in some way. In essence, I have a pretty decent idea in mind and just need a manufacturer (probably one in China) to agree with me on terms such as...
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    Need Badoo PVA

    Hey everybody, I'm looking for someone that knows how to create phone verified badoo accounts that are also linked with a facebook. Basically all you will be doing is creating badoo accounts with a facebook and verifying the email and phone number. I will offer $2 per account. Thank you!
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    Non Targeted Articles?

    I've decided to expand a current website and have quite a few topics I can discuss but I'm unsure if their are keywords that will pertain to such topics. Because of so I'd like your opinions on having a silo/category filled with articles that aren't targeting any keywords? I do intend on doing...
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    Redirecting a whole site to one Silo?

    I recently began a new site (4 months ago) and applied all that I learned from my first site (was a failed venture but a learning experience) into the second site and am doing a lot better. I then thought that I put a lot of work into the first site and dont want it to go to waste. So I took the...
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    Starting Local Business - Need Wholesalers

    Hey everyone, I'm starting a new local business. Already have a decent local customer base and rep. I'm willing to sell online (dropship) and order wholesale. Below is a list of things I need: - Electronics - Jewelry - Designer Clothes (Bape, LV, Supreme, etc.) - Auto parts - Shoes - Phone...
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    Looking for dropshipping suppliers

    Hey everyone, haven't been in this section of BHW for a while. I'm currently looking for LEGIT dropshippers/wholesalers interested in moving more products. I'll be dropshipping and buying wholesale at the same time so you'll be getting a lot of business from me. I dont mind working with any...
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    What's the point of doing it?

    I get you're supposed to link bank (in your article) to other authoritative relevant sites but what's the point of doing so? I understand it looks more natural but is that the only reason?
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    Anything wrong with my SEO process?

    So recently I've seen multiple people on this forum that state they rank first page in a month or two since they know SEO very well. I believe many of them as well I mean they've been doing SEO for more than a year or two. I started buying SEO around 7 months ago and that was horrible and a...
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    How To Stop Bouncing in SERPS?

    Does anybody know how to stop bouncing in SERPS? I've recently started a site, doing my own backlinks, etc. But my serps keep moving up and down. Anyone know how to keep it consistent and to boost it even more to the first page? Best ranking I've gotten (for KW's I'm targeting) was 18, after...
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    Need help with dynamic sidebar

    So I kind of screwed myself over editing the sidebar.php file in wordpress. I wanted to move it from the right to the left and it seemed easy and it might be, just not for me. I was able to go to archives and recover the old sidebar (which isn't the one I wanted) so it's decent now. But any...
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    Reviewing your hotel, restaurant, motel, etc. On my travel site

    Hey everyone! (If this is on the wrong category please let me know ASAP, thought this fits mainly in here). I am an owner of a growing travel website filled with engaging and informative articles that include hotels to stay in, places to visit, restaurants to try (coming soon on my site), and...
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    Criticize my blog?

    As some of you know, I have a travel blog. Growing it as much as I can. Other than the fact that I need to make it more mobile friendly, I know there are some flaws still I just can't put my finger on it. If you're willing to criticize it let me know and I'll PM you the site since I'm not...
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    2 eBay sellers needed

    I have a friend working with amazon so I get a pretty sweet discount which I'm able to actually use for a profit! You need to have an eBay store (if you don't have one still PM me we may be able to work something out still), no hold on payments, and more than about $5k limits per month. Let me...
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    Guest Posting on my site now available!

    I own a travel site, and am looking for anyone who's willing to guest post on the site. No minimum or maximum amount of articles you need to write. You can drop some back links to your site through anchor text if you'd like. Its a new site but has an aged domain, articles need to be 400+ words...
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    {JV} 25% of profit for Your content + My everything else

    Some of you have probably seen my journey thread and know that I'm getting into adsense. As of now I do the Onpage SEO, and outsource the off page SEO from a package here on BHW. I own 3 different websites now, all in different niches and I'm outsourcing all the content done on it from epicwrite...
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    Who here is part of the 1%

    Most of you should've heard of the 1%. Almost all of us want to be part of that 1% as well, I'm guilty of it. I work everyday trying to build an automated system leading me to be a part of the 1% within 4-5 years. But I was curious to know who here is actually part of the 1% or at least...