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  1. LX911

    Content Updation Has Hit a Limit [Help]

    Hi Guys, so this is regarding an already ranking article which alone drives 100 unique users daily. Since it is already ranking for the past 3-4months I hardly make any major changes in terms of editing. Everytime it's just minor tweaks here and there cause the industry this content is about...
  2. LX911

    Looking for Hosting Suggestions for PHP heavy Websites?

    Hi Guys, I am looking for suitable hosting for my PHP heavy websites.. PHP heavy = sites that run on PHP scripts resulting in heavy I/O usage.
  3. LX911

    301 Redirecting an Old Domain --> Another Old Domain Query

    Hello Buddies & Experts, so here is something that's going on in my mind and need validation from your experience.. I want to redirect from .htaccess level of Domain A to Domain B for an entire year so that all the link juice can be extracted :-P What can be the consequences? Domain A = is...
  4. LX911

    [HELP] Unable to Scale Website Due to Server Bandwidth Issue

    Hi, I have a SEO Tool type website and its average bandwidth / month is around 80-100GB, the issue is I cannot shift to a VPS cause the website isn't earning enough to break even at this stage. I have to use Adsense alternative networks and CPA offers won't work (tried and tested). My current...
  5. LX911

    Need Advice on Dropshipping vs Delivery Issue!

    Hi, I did setup a FB-Insta promotion as a test to sell certain products from a dropshipper. It turned out well as it was primarily within the friends circle, so now I am looking to scale the model but facing severe issues in 1 area.. When the delivery person calls the Customer to ask for the...
  6. LX911

    Good Alternative of 7search?

    Hi, after 7search's demise which PPC network are you using to promote your sites? Maybe something that doesn't provide junk bot traffic.. I am not looking to get leads just pure human visitors!
  7. LX911

    Need Help in Tier 3 Website Monetization!

    My website is receiving around 1 million views per month but mostly from South & South East Asia, some from USA. Apart from pop ads what else monetization strategy can be placed? Can't run adsense cause some visitors purposely clickbomb so I keep trying cpm networks but the issue is after few...
  8. LX911

    Help CPA Offer Tracking Link!

    Hi, I am new into the CPA world so need a bit of help! If you are using tracking/landing pages before sending the visitor to your cpa offer do you send as direct traffic? or do U spoof the referrer? Is it bad to send all direct traffic to cpa offers?
  9. LX911

    Ad url redirects to multiple urls!

    Hi, sorry for asking a newbie question but I've seen a lot of popups, cpc, cpm ads redirect to multiple urls before finally reaching the landing page! What do these guys use? If I am an advertiser is it okay to use redirected urls? I thought networks like Google/Bing bans these kinda ads that...
  10. LX911

    PPC Arbitrage Wordpress theme suggestions!

    Hi, need help for ppc arbitrage wordpress themes! I don't mind paid themes as long as the ad blocks have more exposure. Any theme that comes with pagenetted posts? ;-)
  11. LX911

    Any Popunder publisher faced this issue?

    Hi, I have tried monetizing with popads, propellerads but after few days something happens and Google slaps my sites with a Deceptive Site Warning! Any of you faced such issues and have any work around for this?
  12. LX911

    Wish to Help Newbies with Cheap Domains, Hosting

    Hello Friends, most of us started with almost zero income when entering the world of IM. For some newbies - purchasing domains or web hosting is a serious hole in the pocket. I wanna help them with pretty cheap domains and web hosting plans. What could be the best way?
  13. LX911

    Basic Amazon Commission Query

    Hi, I have a very basic (noob) question regarding amazon affiliate commission system. Suppose I sign up for (US account) and someone from India ordered an item through my site having the aff id - 1. Will the sale actually take place since amazon already has a definite...
  14. LX911

    Need Help my site got hit by Negative SEO!

    Hi, so here's the scenario. I have a blog called -- with around 10 posts. 1 particular post was ranking pretty much in the 1st page around #3 - #5 spot. One of my competitors spammed the hell out of the post that was ranking. As a result that page is now sticking up at #16 -...
  15. LX911

    Ecommerce SEO Dilemma for Multi-Currency with Same Content

    Hello Guys, I am in a dilemma regarding the proper on-page seo for an ecommerce site. Let's say the site will be selling products in USD, AUD, CAD and INR however all the content will be the same. The site will detect the visitor's IP and display the currency accordingly. Also the targeting will...
  16. LX911

    Looking for Reliable Dropshippers for Indian Ethnic Wear!

    Hello, I am looking for genuine dropshippers who are serious about growing exponentially. If you are a manufacturer/supplier/wholesaler or drop shipper or even if you deal with Indian saree, salwar, lehenga and similar products then let's get connected. Looking for interested persons only!
  17. LX911

    Weird internal links poping up in GWT for brand new domain help!

    Hi Guys so here's an ugly situation :( I bought a domain few months back.. at the time of initial research I didn't find any backlinks of any sort. Now that I have setup a small site and added the domain to Google webmaster tools I keep getting Crawl errors. The crawl errors are all weird...
  18. LX911

    How to Track PPC ROI across domains?

    Hello People, I need your help in this situation - Suppose Site A is a resource page where I have Site B, C, D, E and F as listings. Let's say I have advertised Site A in Bing Ads, now if I want to track how much % is Bing Ads contributing from Site A to B,C,D,E and F's revenue then what do I...
  19. LX911

    Help ReTargeting with Facebook Dynamic Product Ads

    Hi, anyone has worked out with the dynamic product ads on facebook for their ecommerce site? I am wondering how to work out with the custom event tracking and how to report the product id data to facebook. Need help! In case, you are not implementing it yourself but using any other Facebook...
  20. LX911

    Anyone having Success with OpenCart Azon WebStore?

    Anyone used this OpenCart Amazon Affiliate system and had success? I searched for some case study or success stories didn't find anything...