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    How to structure NAP for Citation

    Brand name: Bangi Domain name: Inner page title: Texas Coin Bread - Bangi So, while building NAP citation for the inner page, what should I use for N, the name?
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    Google Ad Account + My Offer

    I need your aged Google ad account. I will add my payment method, load money and run campaign. You have 20% of earnings generated from campaign. PM if you are interested.
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    Our Service and Closing, Your Leads

    We offer SEO services. So, we need warm leads. No time waster. My team will do the closing and then pay you 20% from that closed lead. This is long term. PM, let’s discuss more and start.
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    Your Reddit Upvote, My Service

    I will make posts then you upvote them massively. If you can do this PM me. I will be promoting several offers. Earnings will be shared 50/50.
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    What do you choose for rank and rent?

    i only need answers from those during rank and rent on local keywords only. 1. Suppose I have 10 keywords of different cities but the same niche, should I create pages for all of them on the same domain or build separate sites? 2. If I create separate pages, should I use expired domain or...
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    Warm Leads and our closing

    I need at least 2 persons that can bring in warm leads. My team will do the closing and you take some percentage from deal. We offer SEO services. So, you will get us those kind of leads. Add me on Skype: Intellab5 if you are interested.
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    Your Google Ad threshold Account, My offer

    Hi, If you have a Google ad threshold account, PM me. I will run my business on it, then we share profit. This is going to be fast. No need to wait for payout since it’s my business. Please no time wasters.
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    Churn and Burn SEO partner needed

    I need someone that wants to do SEO with me. Just churn and burn parasites. I have GSA, Proxies, VPS and method. You will come with updated site list, offer and parasite. You must be able to send Payoneer or USDT when we start making money as part of my share. 50/50.
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    Indexing Tier 2 links

    Which indexer works for indexing GSA contextual backlinks? Blasting doesn't work. Waste of time. Don't suggest any new indexing package sold here. They are expensive for indexing over 5k tier 2.
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    Rank Loss in US

    What can be the problem? I lost my position in US. All keywords are still ranking for other countries, but I'm not in the US.
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    Your competitor is here - Watch your back

    After been here for years, I think we should watch our backs. When you find an untapped keyword and buy SEO service here, in few weeks, lots of sites begin to show up. A lot outranking you. When you start a JV and show your website, dude disappears. He has seen what he is looking for. A lot...
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    My site and your fast method

    I have so many sites and offers so handling them is tasking. I need someone that is good in SEO to handle one. The site is few months old. You will build links and then we share profit. You can churn and burn, I don't care. As far you can rank it. If links are safe, then good for us. Just PM...
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    Your Google Ad Account, My Offer

    We recently launched a business that needs ads. Currently our card is capped. Meaning we have a limit on monthly ad spent. You will provide an ad account then we load it with funds and run ads for a revenue share. You must have experience in creating Google ad account. PM if you are interested.
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    My service, your Google ads account

    I'm offering a service locally, a kind of exchange business. It's whitehat. I need a re-loadable ad account. I will pay, then you load. This is going to be long term. You can take load fee or just a bit from profit or deals made. PM if you are interested.
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    Clickbank JV - Churn and Burn Project

    Clickbank is not supported in my country. No need to use VPN. I have GSA, Captcha Breaker, VPS and good list. You just have to provide clickbank affiliate link and a premium indexer. You must be willing to send 50% of my own share from earnings generated. If this JV is not allowed, please delete.
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    My Business - Your Cold Calling/Email

    We recently launched a Press Release business and needs clients. Website is ready. Team is ready to start publishing. You only have to do cold calling or email. Whatever way you can drive traffic. No link building is allowed. Share is 30%. Its a lot.That's $90 if it comes from our lowest package.
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    Google Account and PayPal PVA Solution

    Which phone verification service do you use for Australia PayPal creation and Google account verification? I intend to use AWS, but last time I tried, I was unable to skip PayPal phone verification. What do you suggest?
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    My Adwords Account, Your Monetization

    I'm not going to write a lot on this. If you have a profitable campaign, PM me for JV. I have an AdWords account ready and wasting clicks on dummy campaigns.
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    Which of this network is the best?

    I'm into content locking. Between Cpagrip and cpabuild, which one gives you high earnings. I have tested both. Day 1, grip might seem better then later it starts misbehaving. Maybe, I didn't wait for a whole week. Build, on the other hand, shaves clicks. But it's annoying to see EPC drop from...
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    PBN for ecommerce site

    I mostly create one product site. This time I have 4-5 products. Is it okay to send 20 PBN links to each product page? Or should I just send to 2 pages, then make a fresh network for other pages?