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    Youtube Monetization Guide Thank You Sincerely, The Eye
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    Manage thousands Instagram accounts

    Look in the BHW for sale area Get the "Proxy Know" book and make your own proxies Sincerely, The Eye
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    What payment gateways you use?

    You might consider - 1. Find a provider on BHW that can get you a US bank account 2. Use as your payment provider There is at least one drop shipping course here - And two courses here -...
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    [Journey] Beginning to work for myself with Web Freelancing

    Start advertising in Craigslist along with your local Pennysaver newspaper Remember that for the same amount of time invested you will probably earn more money selling sales funnels Try some of the courses here - As well...
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    What would you do if you had $10k in crypto?

    This is the "crypto winter" Sell all crypto for cash NOW Wait until the BIG crash US Stocks down 80% Solana is the blockchain for GameFI When Solana is $1.00 or LESS, buy as much as you can ......... Then apply to Solana to become a VALIDATOR. Or apply today and wait ...... You need to...
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    can't create more than four accounts on one computer

    Use vmWare workstation and make several VMS of different versions of Windows with different video resolutions and loaded fonts Sincerely, The Eye
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    Health blogs - not a health expert

    You do not have to be a "health expert" as there is NO SUCH THING. Who gives a rats ass about "information"? Are you in the "information" business or are you in the PRODUCT SELLING BUSINESS??????? So find the PRODUCT Provide information for Mr Gaggle about the PRODUCT so you get indexed You...
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    My partner wants me to drive traffic to his site, how to track results?

    The Eye sees all You are such a nice person You are going through trouble to make a few pennies from "visitors" What you really want is a commission from sales Have them set up an affiliate program from what they are selling Promote the affiliate link and get a commission from sales If...
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    WP Automatic Question: How do they do this?

    Test . Test. test. This is all part of your technical design You test this hundreds of times before going into production Sincerely, The Eye
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    Ukrainian girl from $0 to $2,000 per month

    Create a .com website for Ukranian Brides. Create a BRAND for your website Everyone is mad at Russia. Russian Brides won't sell anymore. This would be a Wordpress membership site. Use the WooCommerce Membership plugin at GPLDL share site. Find a dating PLR here at BHW or JVZoo. Give it away...
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    The real reason why Elon wants to buy Twitter…

    He will fire the morons running twitter He will change the product (longer tweets, etc) Of course he will have ads If he is smart, he will use it to create a crypto currency If he is smarter, he will turn it into a "Twitterverse" gaming platform like Steam He has so many customers/users...
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    How much money need to live normally in US?

    It depends on the state It depends on the city Look for college towns in the Southern United States (high supply of apartments for the students) Create a budget on a speadsheet Check for apartment prices (1 bedroom studios or 1 bedroom apartments) Check the food store...
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    Two Adsense and one bank account

    Two adsense = Two bank accounts Three adsense = Three bank accounts Bank accounts are free Sincerely, The Eye
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    City directories vs country directories !

    City directories Niche products Amazon Stores T-Shirt Store Adsense Paid Ads Visit the Chamber of Commerce and get every magazine, newspaper and coupon book Duplicate them into your directory. Here at BHW Festinger has all the theme and plugins. Make sure your system has paid ads for the...
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    Best Anti-Detect Browser?

    What about the fingerprint changer that comes with AVG suite? Any experience? Sincerely, The Eye
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    Looking for ways to build an audience

    If you don't have a product, you are out of business On that website you should try giving away a dating PLR in return for a signup You could also use the plugins WP User Frontend and Frontend Pro to allow signed up members to post articles with their dating stories and confessions. If the...
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    [Giveaway] Request Envato Elements and Placeit Projects - Active

    Thank you for the great package! May I please have - Sincerely, The Eye
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    [Giveaway] Request Envato Elements and Placeit Projects - Active May I please have...