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  1. goooral

    Negative SEO without links is possible! Case study

    I think you may find it interesting - I've managed to negative SEO my own website and nuke my own rankings. I've observed with 2 of my clients so threat is real. Did you ever had any similar cases?
  2. goooral

    Is Penguin 3.1 live ?

    There was one discussion here about that already: There is a lot of movement in rankings today. Sites that jump in rankings are mostly Penguin 3.0 sites. I...
  3. goooral

    Penguin 3.0 - first analysis - looking for interesting cases

    I wrote just a quick Penguin 3.0 summary here What is interesting, Penguin 3.0 still is susceptible to Negative SEO attacks. I am helping out some negative SEO victims (some of u may know Kumar and his directories) and some of the websites were...
  4. goooral

    Another tutorial about ScrapeBox for white hat SEO

    If you guys are doing a lot of link processing, or any work that requires some help from the "black force", there is another tutorial about ScrapeBox for white hat SEO. I think it is quite popular topic recently: TLDR Link processing...
  5. goooral

    [Tutorial] How to create right link building strategy ?

    I think you may find it quite interesting. How to create right link building strategy. Tutorial is based on on-page structure and is showing best practices to merge off-page and on-page efforts...
  6. goooral

    Getting more links out of Google Webmaster Tools

    I don't know if there are many people here doing link audits ;) If so, that is a super easy technique to get more links from your Google Webmaster Tools account TL;DR If you got domains with subfolders...
  7. goooral

    ScrapeBox for White Hat SEO [Tutorial]

    While ago (as most of us) I used ScrapeBox for commenting and black hat. Now times have changed, so I wrote a step by step tutorial about using ScrapeBox for White Hat SEO uses It is really basic, but useful for people that...
  8. goooral

    [READ] ex-Googlers Panda & Penguin workshop Warsaw 2013

    Hi guys, I think you are gonna be interested in this post. It's some info, some take aways from Search Marketing Week ex-Googlers SEO workshop. It was hosted by ex-Googlers - Kaspar Szymanski, Fili Wiese and Jonas Weber. You can get some cool tricks straight from former Google employees ;) I...
  9. goooral

    We are looking for Adult/webcam traffic affiliate programs offers.

    Hi guys, We got a website with minimum 9k UU per day. All the traffic is from, 100% english. We already got a good success with bongacash (u can check my login on top affiliates, we are always in top 10 daily/weekly). We are rebuilding our website/websites and as the webcam...
  10. goooral

    Top 10 most converting niches?

    I know its not so popular to share niches in public, but if u guys could get to top3 of any niche, what would u say are most profitable? Im not talking about "theory", but keywords + way to monetize it.
  11. goooral

    How to monetize XXX traffic from Poland ~250K UU monthly

    Hi guys, I got a "problem" :) One of our website got a huge traffic related to free cams etc. U know the subject. Its hard to admit, but we dont make much on it, as affiliate programs of our local "free xxx chat websites" are pretty weak. Anybody has some PPD, PPC or any other way to...
  12. goooral

    Proxy Multiply - can I use it without google search for more Proxies ?

    Hi, Im testing PM. It seems ok, but from what I see it forces to search for more proxies when finishes scraping IPs from my list Its NOT what I need done :) I got my list with about 10 regulary updated urls. All I need now is PM to download those proxy (about 60k) and test all of those if...