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  1. dmass43

    Marketting chrome addons

    Might be a waste of time. I read somewhere that chrome is removing extensions in a coming update. I could be wrong though.
  2. dmass43

    Writing a crawler

    I would recommend python as it will be much faster to develop and they have a ton of libraries to make it easier. ( Beautiful Soup + urllib)
  3. dmass43

    Can we sell python based GUI application for the masses ?

    I say yeah there are python projects that convert your code into executables (exe files). Which your users can run like any other application.
  4. dmass43

    JR Vip or Local 'Freelancer' Site?

    Why not do both and get twice as many leads?
  5. dmass43

    [Method] Making Money With Reselling (Buy Low / Sell High)

    Just curious how much did the links cost you?
  6. dmass43

    |Giveaway| 3,000 YouTube Views

    Am I too late?
  7. dmass43

    how to block Bot to Crawal auto generated Url of website

    Just set the user agent of the bot on the disallow list. If that bot doesn't respect robots.txt then you would have to block it by ip.
  8. dmass43

    How do i make 250$ a month with my particular skills?

    You make it sound so simple. For most coders making the product is not the hard part. It's the marketing that is. I guess it would be easier to just pass that buck on to affiliates.
  9. dmass43

    How To Get 50% OFF of Big Mac Meal / McDonalds

    You can just use the app. I've been eating $1 Big Macs all month.
  10. dmass43

    The Nightmare Walk Into New Level ($5000/day) - Google Play

    You actually might be able to automate the uploading of the apps too with selenium.
  11. dmass43

    Writing a website in C++?

    Most developers dont use c++ for projects like this because you would have to recompile after change. Python, php, ruby or even node js would all be a better choice.
  12. dmass43

    (How) to get Followers for free?

    You can use sites like addmefast
  13. dmass43

    Make money as a developper

    I second reddit r/forhire. Also be sure to look around here lots of users need some development work done and will pay you for it.
  14. dmass43

    Motivational pics needed

    Came to recommend this as well.
  15. dmass43

    Backpage Poster

    You wouldn't need a pn but multiple accounts and proxies you do.
  16. dmass43

    Backpage Poster

    Yes I can write a script that can post in any city you want can be automated or semi-automated.
  17. dmass43

    Backpage Poster

    I can create a backpage poster for you. PM me if you're interested.
  18. dmass43

    Which languages can ACTUALLY make money online?

    I would recommend python. The syntax is my favorite also probably the easiest to learn and you will be able to create bots quickly which you can profit off of.
  19. dmass43

    i need idea for account creation

    Here's some advice learn python and you could do this with a library called selenium (big hint) you will need proxies as well. You could also just buy the accounts.
  20. dmass43

    Data Collection: Pics, Text from website

    Interested ... will pm you.