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  1. SepticFish

    Virtual Assistant to create and write biography pages

    Looking for someone who can create and write biographies of public figures (eg: celebrities) The task will involve the following: Inputting key information such as birthday, height, weight, etc. Finding an image, cropping and uploading to page. Writing biographies of the person (can be...
  2. SepticFish

    Looking for VA to work with adult content

    Time commitment: Part-full time. Continuous work. Task: Uploading videos to other tube websites with appropriate titles, tags, description, etc. Or scrapping images and reuploading them elsewhere. Budget: max $300 a month Please DM or leave coment with your contact info. If you DM please...
  3. SepticFish

    What caused my drop in indexed pages?

    My pages are slowly being deindexed from google. No warnings from webmaster tools... Is there any way I can find out what pages were deindexed? Traffic significantly dropped because of this. Site is around 6 months old. I update content everyday. Backlinks are mostly from services here at BHW.
  4. SepticFish

    What to use for adult tier 1 links?

    I've been struggling at SEO for the adult niche. Besides guest posts from authority domains, what platforms are good to use for tier 1 backlinks in the adult niche?
  5. SepticFish

    Can we preview Google SERP for non-indexed pages?

    I was wondering if there are tools available to preview SERP results for my website pages. For example current I have static meta descriptions for many pages, but I'm wondering how Google will display my pages in SERPs of I remove a static description?
  6. SepticFish

    Best way to monetise a adult tube site?

    Hello BHW, This is my first time venturing into the adult niche, and it's completely different than what I am used to. I decided to create a niche porn tube site which is getting a bit of traffic (~5000 uniques a day). Right now I have RevShare banner ads up from TrafficJunky, but I notice I...
  7. SepticFish

    Looking for someone to upload short adult video clips to my site

    I can provide video sources, you just download a big zip file, and upload each one using proper title and tags to my site. Video clips are very short, usually just a couple of minutes and takes seconds to upload with fast internet speeds. There may only be ~100 clips to be uploaded. PM me with...
  8. SepticFish

    Anyone active in the deep fakes community?

    I am looking for people who are active in the community. It's currently fragmented and I want to rebuild the community a project (already have a working product). Also looking for content creators, let me know!
  9. SepticFish

    [JV] My Pokemon Go Accounts, Your Traffic.

    I have a bunch of Pokemon go accounts for sale. Website and store already created with some sales. Just need more traffic to unload all the accounts. Accounts for sale are 25+ Have traffic? Let's talk. Skype: pogobroacc
  10. SepticFish

    Anyone still making money on Pokemon Go niche?

    It's only been about 3 months since it was released. The hype was real, but now I'm wondering if marketers are still profiting off this niche? It seems the CPC is pretty high at around $0.60 per click. If you're still making money, I'd like to know whats working for you? (If you'd like to...
  11. SepticFish

    How do I set up wordpress like WebMD or MayoClinic?

    I am setting up an authority website and like the structure of WebMD and MayoClinic with regards to the structure of the site and health conditions. I already have everything started but am not sure on how to structure the categories, pages, posts, etc. For example, how would I set up a...