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  1. Mike420

    Automatic wordpress tags?

    I have a wordpress blog with automatic posting plugin that fetches content from other sites. I would like to add automatic tags to all the thousands of posts, but i have not found any plugin jet that does the job. By tags i dont mean the meta tag but wordpress tags. I have one competitors site...
  2. Mike420

    Monthly fee from 301 redirect position 1

    Hey, Im planning to make a site and rank it to position 1 in google for a spesific keyword. Keyword is "car service townname" , its low competition, but alot of firms offering this service in this town. I want to sell the position 1 with 301 redirect, so the results are immediate and hoping to...
  3. Mike420

    Review ?

    Hi guys, as you might now had sale thread here in bhw but its closed for a 0.5 year now. Does any one have some new reviews about this service? I used it when it was still active here. 4 months of smallest package and nothing, just wasted 1k$. Just wondering was there anything...
  4. Mike420

    Need Help, Backdoor in hosting...

    Hi , Today i looked at one hosting and found some really fucked up code in some new files. Someone is trying to make money from my new wordpress site without any visitors :D Did a little search and found that its an backdoor. But didnt find info how to remove this shit, there must be some...
  5. Mike420

    Spanish citations ?

    Hi, im having hard time finding spanish citations sites beacuse of language barrier. I need them for one of my client. Maybe someone can help me and give me some spanish citations sites, better if they have some authority so i can later blast them without tanking them or my site. Thank you.
  6. Mike420

    Looking for web template overview writer.

    Im making a website with free templates etc.. I need someone to write an short overviews about free web templates. Like, what programming language is used, what pages it contain, what kind of niche its good for etc... It dont have to be long review, 50 words maybe 100. Its on going process and...
  7. Mike420

    [TUT] Fast and easy BHW search from google

    Hey, I always use google to search from BHW, beacuse you know why... But always adding this "" before search term is headache... So i found out a quick and super easy way and will share with you who already dont know.. Im using chrome so with some other browser it might be...
  8. Mike420

    Interlinking same niche

    Hi. I have a site in one niche that has huge searches per month and low competition(Keyword planner says that, not that easy, but not hard either) Right now its serp is 3 for some high volume keywords. But there are few more keywords that are even higher search volume. I was wondering if i...
  9. Mike420

    Looking for coder

    Hi. I need to change this free script a little bit. LINK In index page, people add youtube url, hit download and then another page opens with punch of download links. I need to get the script working like that when someone clicks download it dosent direct to another page or refresh the page...
  10. Mike420

    What are the effects of economic crisis and world war to IM ?

    What you think?
  11. Mike420

    [FREE] GEO IP Redirect and banner rotator script. Good for CPA!

    Hi. I will share two scripts. These are great to monetize cpa offers. Scripts will redirect or rotate banner based on your visitor country. First script is redirect. It should be placed between <head></head> <head> <script src="//" type="text/javascript"></script>...
  12. Mike420

    IDEA: Blackhat stackexchange

    Here should be blackhat stackexchage like site for questions and answers. There would be a lot less bullshit threads made. And all of us would get the best answers. Or what you think?
  13. Mike420

    Serp movement ?

    Hi . I have one question about serp movement. I had a site with google postion 6 in search. Then i bought seo linkbuilding from this forum. My serp position went to 3 for a month or two and then to 100. Some bad seo definitely. But now there have been many months with serp 100 and somehow my...
  14. Mike420

    Is there a way to remove rival from google search reults?

    A simple question. Couldn't find any answers by my self.
  15. Mike420

    Verify Paypal with VCC - when limited?

    May i get limited if i use my account legally? I can get limited even before VCC verification? Or get limited beacuse of illegal shit?
  16. Mike420

    Google first 10 all videos...

    If i search my domain name in google, all first 10 results are youtube videos. Is it hard to get my site in top ?
  17. Mike420

    How do you implement a lead system with a company?

    Hello, If i send leads to company and they give me 5% of every sale they make, how do you implement a lead system with a company?
  18. Mike420

    Hello Will buy Youtube download script

    wrong section . delete.