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  1. LoftPower

    Is BV marketing still out there?

    A few years ago I had heard about BV marketing. Someone said this was a really good affiliate program. Is this still the case? Are they still in business?
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    How many of you use Dragon to write with? Would you say that you are more productive using this? Would you recommend it?
  3. LoftPower

    Who uses fiverr for articles?

    Has anyone had any luck on fiverr with getting good articles? How high quality are they?
  4. LoftPower

    How many articles can you write in a day?

    How many articles can you write in a day? Do you have a set limit on the number of words that you are willing to write?
  5. LoftPower

    20 Minute checklist

    Is it really this simple?
  6. LoftPower

    The Nature of Black Hat SEO

    Here is an ingraphic that I thought was pretty interesting.
  7. LoftPower

    Do you have to have an invite?

    I was just wondering if you have to have an invite for Weibo or if anyone can join?
  8. LoftPower

    Do you require upfront payment?

    If you are a freelancer, do you require upfront payment? Or do you ask for an advance of half?
  9. LoftPower

    How to get others to notice me

    I just started up with LinkedIn and want to know how I can get others to notice me on there. I do not know anyone really that is on the site so where do I start?
  10. LoftPower

    Ticketmaster bot...

    Please, someone can tell me from where I can buy a good Ticketmaster bot? I have now a bot from TicketBots but I need something better. Thank you
  11. LoftPower

    Using infographics for link building?

    I've read a few guides that recommend creating infographics and submitting them to relevant directories. Have you tried this strategy and what are the results? Are you satisfied with the results?
  12. LoftPower

    Learning Python?

    Are there any python programmers here? How hard is it to learn Python? I'm familiar with C++, Java and PHP (mostly beginner or lower intermediate level).' How hard would the transition be?
  13. LoftPower

    Sites like HackerNews?

    Hi guys, Do you know any similar websites like Hacker News? Websites that allow direct link submissions, and that can bring a lot of visits.