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  1. Pigeonsim

    What did I messed up with Restoring Content / Structure and then Deleting it?

    Hi, So, I bought expired domain, restored the content and left it for a week or so. I have edit a part of the content too. Then I decided that I don't want that site design and structure with content is not exactly I want to process further. Deleted it all, built new site with the some of the...
  2. Pigeonsim

    How bad to target US audience with domain?

    Hi, Got aged domain, and finding good bunch of keywords at ashref, but they are coming from US. Uk, got way less of them. Question, will i miss if i go with US keywords instead of UK, even if they are from low DA competitors with low KD etc. Thanks
  3. Pigeonsim

    Ahrefs NO Longer Offer 7 days trial?

    I wanted to start a 7 days trial for 7$, but seems they no longer offer this.
  4. Pigeonsim

    Can I add all these links to robot.txt ?

    I'm restoring an expired domain and content from the previous website. Added it to the GSC and got some results which are not exactly what I was hoping to get. Inside it, I got links that was obviously spammed and nothing related to the niche. I have a few questions. How bad is that...
  5. Pigeonsim

    Rebuilding site on expired domain, have a question <---

    Hi, so I'm rebuilding content from the expired domain. I wonder how important posts and comments dates are? Thanks
  6. Pigeonsim

    Selling website with expired domain and different history?

    Hi, Is anyone had experience selling money site that was used for a different thing before? Like I'm looking for a expired domain and want to build Amazon ref site. Obviously there is a trace left on How you as a buyer react to this, what's your opinion? Thanks
  7. Pigeonsim

    Expired domains on google. What does that mean? (site:)

    Hi, I'm looking and checking expired and for sale domains. When entering on google i often get something like this: What does that mean for the domain? Is there anything I should know? Thanks
  8. Pigeonsim

    [TELL ME YOUR STORY] Common Problems Using Online SMS Services? <---

    Hi there, Would like to know what are common problems you are facing with online SMS services? Where they can improve and what more related to SMS you are missing online? Any opinions and experiences are welcome! Thank you.