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  1. THABO

    Zuckerberg sells $500m in facebook shares

    Sorry if its double post cant seem to find this topic here
  2. THABO

    Facebook page hacked

    Please help me get my page back the i didn't make hacker admin and i am not yet kicked out they claim facebook page via business manager they dont have admin role but can use the page they are deleting my photos as we speak
  3. THABO

    Instant articles

    Hi guys i got a request from some stranger to work with me he wants to add my facebook page to instant artcles is it safe can they hack my page through this
  4. THABO

    Is this link followed or not

    Hi I made 2 guest posts on wordpress blogs but when i look at moz toolbar to see if they are followed or not neither of those is highlighted but external link is so how would i know if these links are followed or not. When i look at the source code it doesnt have no follow either it just has...