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  1. Jeremy96x

    When you (try to) create wiki link for clients, which is better?

    1. Editing from a single wikipedia account (for all clients) with lots of previous edits and generally helpful wiki behavior. OR 2. Making a new account, clean a few things here and there, possibly adding content (unlikely) and then adding a link. Assuming in both cases the link is relevant...
  2. Jeremy96x

    Quick question about noindex tag

    I've read conflicting answers about this. When a webpage has the noindex, follow attributes, will a backlink there pass link juice? The page itself shows on the Google SERP but with the "No information is available for this page. Learn why" snippet
  3. Jeremy96x

    BLACK FRIDAY 2018 - Deals Thread - CYBER MONDAY 2018

    Is there a limit of namecheap coupons you can get?
  4. Jeremy96x

    [FREE] .com Domain + Hosting

    Where did you check if your country is accepted? It hasn't worked for me, with or without VPN
  5. Jeremy96x

    PVACodes.Com Online SMS verification Service

    Hi. I would also like to get a trial, is they're still available. Thanks
  6. Jeremy96x

    Looking for VA - $10/day = $300/month

    Sent you a PM
  7. Jeremy96x

    [Hiring] VA For Content Posting

    Just sent you a PM
  8. Jeremy96x

    [GET] Facebook PVAs for free

    Count me in aswell, thanks
  9. Jeremy96x

    Bought email account on Fiver

    Yeah as Nonilol said, it's better to contact the seller, although I think that the seller might have knowingly sell it to another person, but I'm not sure.
  10. Jeremy96x

    Tweets ID scraping

    Is there a way to mass scrape the ID of individual tweets? I like to have a tool that scrapes the individual ID of the last 100 tweets or so, that certain profiles have.
  11. Jeremy96x

    FollowLiker multiple instances inquiry

    Also worth noting that I'm using the same for the each same account on each instance
  12. Jeremy96x

    FollowLiker multiple instances inquiry

    Sorry to bother again, but this is the first time for me diving into social traffic.I was wondering if opening multiple instances of followliker with the same accounts would cause trouble with twitter or instagram.You may ask why I'm doing that, well, I think it's more comfortable if every...
  13. Jeremy96x

    FollowLiker setting advice

  14. Jeremy96x

    FollowLiker setting advice

    Well that seems logical, I wonder why I didn't think of that earlier hmmm. Anyways Thanks!!
  15. Jeremy96x

    FollowLiker setting advice

    Hey! I basically want my account to tweet once every 1-2hours BUT at the same time I want them to follow/unfollow. As far as I know every individual account does just ONE of those activities at the same time. My account were tweeting to fast, and I tried to put 2-2 in tweet limit and 3000 to...
  16. Jeremy96x

    Waht's you advice on inmigration

    Thanks for all your answers.. My other question was: If I go to France, do I have to pay taxes on the adsense earnings that I cash out through payoneer, (technically a US account)?
  17. Jeremy96x

    Waht's you advice on inmigration

    As far as I know public universities cost less that 1000euro per year I'm not looking to have a fancy life, just enough to get by with the basic needs, besides, I currently have other projects that could scalate those earnings. I can't just get on a plane go to a country and stay there, can...
  18. Jeremy96x

    Waht's you advice on inmigration

  19. Jeremy96x

    Scraping/Downloading pictures from instagram

    I want it to use a VPS beacause my PC has super slow internet speed. And no, it was not a protected user. It gave a open gl 2.0 error if I recall correctly Anyways, I downloaded another software and its working fine. Thanks for all your answers.
  20. Jeremy96x

    Scraping/Downloading pictures from instagram

    The 4k stogram did not work, I can't seem to be able to run it on my VPS