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  1. tombourlet

    Instagram new desktop pages

    Hey everyone, this is just to inform everyone who uses Instagram, they are now rolling out a desktop version. This means that you won't have to log in through your mobile to make all the changes you want, you would be able to do it from your computer. This rollout is lasting about two weeks, to...
  2. tombourlet

    Do you need proxies for Imacro scripts?

    This might sound really noob, but I have been running imacro scripts and suddenly wondered whether I should be running proxies, I haven't so far but slightly nervous now, any help would be really appreciated! Also, I have been running ***** pinner without a proxy, do I need it for this? If you...
  3. tombourlet

    Citations - building a link

    Hi everyone, I was wondering what people use to find citations online, so that they can contact the webmasters to build a link. I've been using Majestic SEO but it seems useless for the job. Does anyone know how I can get a list of citations for my business? Thanks!!