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  1. SepticFish

    What could be the reasons for the low ranking of the site after the move

    If possible do a 403 from old ranking pages to the new one
  2. SepticFish

    Virtual Assistant to create and write biography pages

    Looking for someone who can create and write biographies of public figures (eg: celebrities) The task will involve the following: Inputting key information such as birthday, height, weight, etc. Finding an image, cropping and uploading to page. Writing biographies of the person (can be...
  3. SepticFish

    Renting a dedicated server in Sweden & Swedish privacy law(s) question

    Your server would be subjected to Swedish privacy laws.
  4. SepticFish

    Movie website spammed by Hollywood Cartels

    they don't waste their time on this. It's just bots doing this, and if it's an old domain, it probably is on some list to spam DMCA
  5. SepticFish

    How to hide your website's origin IP address?

    Cloudflare will take action if you have a DMCA ignore host. Cloudflare basically will serve all your media as an image or video saying that the content is against it's TOS. This doesn't mean it needs a court order. ddos-guard asked me to remove content even though I'm a paying user.
  6. SepticFish

    How to hide your website's origin IP address?

    Adult niche. Adult is typically illegal in Russia. I am looking for a reverse proxy server with ddos protection, but it looks like anything offshore with 1gps bandwidth is expensive.
  7. SepticFish

    How to hide your website's origin IP address?

    Apparently not. And cloudflare already banned the domain I use.
  8. SepticFish

    How to hide your website's origin IP address?

    My ddos-guard is a paid service. They have issues with the adult niche it seems.
  9. SepticFish

    How to hide your website's origin IP address?

    My goal isn't to bypass DMCA, it's to hide the server IP from the public.
  10. SepticFish

    How to hide your website's origin IP address?

    Alternatives to CF and ddos-guard? I am surprised but ddos-guard asking me to remove content.
  11. SepticFish

    Online pharmacy with Bitcoin

    Less than 10% of users will use crypto to purchase something, so you would need to have large volume or customer base. I had a digital product store where paypal closed our account, and only 2% of purchases were through BTC after paypal was no longer an option.
  12. SepticFish

    is BlazingSwitch a trusted provider?

    They are providers elsewhere too. You can just simply search other communities.
  13. SepticFish

    is BlazingSwitch a trusted provider?

    Yes, they are a trusted provider
  14. SepticFish

    Anyone heard about

    Yes, unsolicited advertising and contact sharing is a big red flag for me so I ignored
  15. SepticFish

    Anyone heard about

    I would be careful using paypound. I also got an email from them advertising their services only after applying to ipaytotal. It seems they must be sharing client information. I have money stuck in ipaytotal because they also have a high payout minimum of $3000 so in my books they are both...
  16. SepticFish

    [Beta Testers] AI Writer - GPT-3 Based - Relevant Content

    I'm interesting in beta testing. I would be using your app for writing biographies. Really curious to how well it will work for this type of content.
  17. SepticFish

    Real Number Phone Verification |

    I am interested in a review copy