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  1. seomusic

    Any Active Filipino BlackHatter - Cebu

    Hey guys, I just want to know if there are still any active pinoy (filipino) here in BHW that's doing IM up to this day. seomusic here from Cebu. :D sharing and caring lol
  2. seomusic

    Looking for native French to write article for me in french

    I are looking for a french writer with french as a mother tongue. no google translation on anything. this will be an ongoing work. Please pm me your skype.. ill add you
  3. seomusic

    looking for a native french to write an article for me

    If you are a native french pm me your skype ....i need some article for my blogs i will pay 6 dollars per 500 words..thanks
  4. seomusic

    What happen to

    I am trying to search their service here but I cant find it anymore .. I wonder if they have closed it . since some of the site being hosted on them got deindex
  5. seomusic

    Looking for someone to translate my english article to french

    i have an article to be translated to french, looking for some native french to do it .. please pm me . will pay
  6. seomusic

    What happen to rmxhost they dont reply any ticket?!!!!!!

    What happen to rmxhost they don't reply any ticket?!!!!!! just wondering is rmxhost company dead.. they quickly send an invoice but when it comes to replying a support ticket they don't even reply. and they said that their hosting is cheap.. not in my case. am calling rmxhost support to...
  7. seomusic

    How to protect your site from DDOS attack?

    How to protect your site from DDOS attack? Somebody suggested to use cloudflare but aside from cloudflare what are other possible solution to block the attack ?
  8. seomusic

    Please help.... how to price a seo work ?

    I have a client who have a website about fashion jewelry and and he wants me to get his site to first page of google. Since this is my first time doing seo for jewelry niche I know know how much i will charge him per month. He lives in US... Any reply are much appreciated... thanks
  9. seomusic

    RMX down

    anybody know why rmx is down. my host site is down too. i know i lot of people here hosted their site to rmx host. are your sites down to? I try not to post it here but this rmx have a skype but do not answer, his inbox is full and I cant open his site because it's not even showing.. Fixed...
  10. seomusic

    Anybody have a problem with RMX today !

    my site is down and i cannot even log in to my dedicated server. anybody has experiencing this ? am posting this since the owner of rmx is also a member here and he even advertise his services here. what do you think about their support please let me know also guys . so that i can tell also...
  11. seomusic

    WHY the support of RMX ARE very slow ?

    Why the support of RMX ARE very slow ? I don't need to post this but its frustrating to wait this long.. they even said to their website that they have 24/7 support but that is not true at all plus they also have the Skype username in their website but they will not reply.. Does anybody...
  12. seomusic

    What the fuck is wrong with

    my site just got suspended without any notice... anybody experience this thing with P.S (from RMX)An e-mail was sent yesterday to inform you, but it bounced for unknown reason. my bad..
  13. seomusic

    Fuck what happen to

    Fuck what happen to i have host my site there and my site went down and also there's I have heard that the owner of that host are a member here.. please explain
  14. seomusic

    Sign Petition to Pacman vs Bradley

    Hi I saw this website, if you believed that Manny won the fight please sign a petition here Criminal Justice Petition: The Governor of NV: Overturn Judges Decision Regarding Pacquiao - Bradley Bout | Let justice be serve...
  15. seomusic

    Adsense clickjacking

    One of my adsense account have been banned and now am putting another adsense in my site what i what to know, is that how do i know if my adsense are being click fraudulently or being clickjack by my competitor. Please tell me how to prevent this from happening again.. anybody have experience...
  16. seomusic

    Any fiverr gig provider here from Philippines

    If youare providing some gig in fiverr please post your fiverr link here. I want to check if its good then I can recommend you to all my the clients i know ..or perhaps i can make some orders
  17. seomusic

    Need Godaddy Coupon

    Post it here please if you have a new godaddy coupon Thanks
  18. seomusic

    free EMD for MNS

    I don't have much to do right now so I search some domains and I found this maybe somebody might be interested on this domains... SMARTBARGAINSCOUPON.NET = exact searches 1,000 cpc = 2.16 TIRESPLUSLOCATIONS.COM = exact searches 1,900 cpc = 1.20...
  19. seomusic

    Brad Callen - Niche Finder

    Guys I need your Help Here, how accurate the local results of keywords using Niche Finder because when i try to go to GKAT( Google Keyword Adwords Tool) the result is very different. i hope you can share your experience regarding Niche Finder Thanks
  20. seomusic

    Movie Site With Adsense

    Noob question I have a movie site which has enough visitors per day, what i like to know if i can put an adsense in my movie site, will i be ban from adsense? or you can please tell me what are the other alternatives for adsense to be use for movie site?