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  1. Bahmer

    So what Happened with Gorka?

    So as many of you (and me) predicted, I guess he was lying through his teeth. Any ideas as to what really was going on there? Based on what the mod said he was lying about his location (not in the USA or Russia). What do you think?
  2. Bahmer

    Free GSA SER link Blast packages! 2 tier contextual link packages! FREE

    Hey guys, I am offering a limited number of users a free 10k link, 2 tier blast package as well as a free money site audit and project plan. These link blasts would have custom written content relevant to the target niche, unlimited keywords and unlimited URL's. Drip feeding or full speed...
  3. Bahmer

    ** GSA SER monthly basting service ** 25 USD/Month!! **

    BAHMER's GSA SER Monthly SERVICE - 25 USD/Month! Want to power up parasites, youtube or vimeo videos, social profiles (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) without paying for every SER blast? Tired of purchasing link building packages over and over again? With this monthly service you pay 25...
  4. Bahmer

    How I automated link Scraping, Cleaning, and Filtering

    I have had a couple different users ask me how to scrape for URLs that can be posted to using GSA or SENuke or any of those tools. So I put together another video that explains how I personally do this in an automated system involving scraping servers, platform identifier, and specialized...
  5. Bahmer

    How to monitize professional blackhat experience?

    Hey guys, So I have been working doing professional blackhat work for a few years now and I am looking to branch out and do some stuff online for SEO users. I would like to manage other people's GSA instances full time. I see on here there are a lot of people who buy one off blasts but that...
  6. Bahmer

    Cheap hosting that lets me use my namecheap domain?

    I had hostgator but I hated it, they were overpriced and difficult when I submitted tickets. I want an aprox. 1 USD per month hosting option that allows me to use domains mapped from my namecheap account. I was using zettahost but they want me to transfer my domain over and charged me for it...
  7. Bahmer

    Google sitemaps - how to get ONLY SEO friendly URL's

    I have been generating google site map files for peoples websites, I noticed that some of the URL's its finding are non seo friendly versions of pages that have proper urls. ie. vs. whatever. Is there a way for me to...
  8. Bahmer

    My Interview with Sven Bansemer: Co-Founder of GSA and Developer of GSA SER

    Hey guys, I sat down for an interview with Sven and Devin of GSA. GSA is a massively interesting company but you probably know them best for their products GSA SER and GSA Captcha Breaker. I think you guys will find the interview really interesting. There are no affiliate links in this...
  9. Bahmer

    Do you think Donald Trump is buying reddit upvotes?

    Just wondering whether you guys think Trump is buying upvotes on reddit. I see way to much of the donald supporters on reddit, it used to be I saw a lot of Bernie supporters, now I see more of Donald stuff than I do of the Bernie. I'm not even from the US, but I was just wondering whether you...
  10. Bahmer

    Need to Interview BST buyers/sellers for Research-- Can you help?*

    Hey Blackhatter's, So I have been working on a project where I am personally interviewing the highest quality providers here on BHW about their services- questions about the service, what makes it stand out from the rest of the services, etc. Are what I am interested in. What prompted me to...