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  1. FatBee

    Be careful who you dealing with. @fatbeebhwi is not me.

    This is like 5th time that it's happening. This guy had the audacity to drop me a message even, compared to the other few cases in the last 2 years that i caught them by looking up my name or someone got fucked by someone trying to be me. Currently, as a fatbee or whoever i worked with...
  2. FatBee

    Today i become a classic BHW Attention WH*R. Give me attention!

    Yes, being a billionaire and trillionaire and gazillionaire is boring. Give me all the attention I require. Cause Jeff and Elon are too poor to pay attention to me. Damn feels weird to hop on the weekend threads like this.
  3. FatBee

    ❇️ Yay, 3000th post and a puzzle. ❇️

    Damn, took me a while to get to 3K and some of it quality not just posting everything and anything around :D The puzzle is simple... If you feel advanced, or found it too easy.. leave it for someone else. Only one can be a winner...
  4. FatBee

    You think my prices are HIGH? You dont feel secure with other sellers? Discord Mass DM DIY⚡

    But FatBee, you are a provider aren't you scared of losing clients? No, I'm not scared at all. And you may ask WHY? First of all, I have regular clients that are trusting me with my service and I'm fine like things are. Also, doing this on your own is a tedious process and will never do justice...
  5. FatBee

    iPad Pro M1 11" vs 12.9" anyone has it or had the chance to try them irl?

    As the title says, I'm looking to grab one of these for my GF as she is into drawing etc. I'm aware that 12.9" has a better screen plus a bigger size, but does it worth the extra 350EUR on top of the 11"? Don't send me to youtube, as it's really mixed opinion.
  6. FatBee

    ⚡ [GIVEAWAY] 1000+ Traffic for everyone.

    As simple as it gets. 1. Comment that you are interested. 2. PM me with the link. It can be a PTC redirect or a normal redirect from google. (this is random) You gotta be: - At least 3 months old - At least 50 posts. Go.
  7. FatBee

    Don't you find it a little bit sus?

    In the recent month or so, I'm kinda observing HAFs and I see a lot of the same peeps offering LITERALLY EVERYTHING THAT ITS ASKED FOR! To break it down into 2 categories: 1. I'M ALL YOU NEED GUY SINCE I'M HERE. - All their history is selling literally everything, even if I post a HAF to hunt...
  8. FatBee


    Linking me to a service will be also nice, cause I bet I don't know every possible out there. But, if you are a provider, and can match some of the prices already offered feel free to contact me in my PMs. Services that I need will be disclosed in private besides the one that is known for and...
  9. FatBee

    Got a parasite that instantly ranks? Hit it while its hot!

    God of War got released on PC today. (not even in all regions). Simple CPA locker. God of War PC God of War Download for PC God of War Steam Cracked cracked god of war Get creative.
  10. FatBee

    Mark Cuban? How tf is this guy even relevant in Crypto and NFT, yet?

    Okay, I get it. He has like 5-20% in 18 crypto companies (startups at some point), and he acts like a crypto god... But some of his ethics are out of place. Let's dive into his company/handle @ NFTon all social media. This guy has the audacity to ask from $20K to $150K (all depends on how much...
  11. FatBee

    [AMA] Ask me anything about Discord and way to promote your stuff! (Legit, Malicious, Pure spam, how to protect your server, etc.)

    I'm into discord stuff since late 2017, but I thought there is no money to be made, and most of my clients were spreading something that felt so unethical to me at end of 2018 I kinda stopped doing what I did back then. I stopped providing it as a service, and proceed to advertise some of my...
  12. FatBee

    Whats up with BHW? keep getting logged out.

    Early morning, i had an email to change my password. Now, im getting logged out every few minutes. If something weird happen, and its not directly related to BHW, im hacked or something :v
  13. FatBee

    Do we have Custom Keyboard Enthusiasts on BHW?

    I'm really wondering, is anyone into Custom keyboards here? I was interested in this area for a long time, but it was pretty expensive and hard to get on in the past, so around 6 months ago I got into it. Currently, I'm rocking a custom GMMK Compact. The build: - GMMK Compact Ice. - Gateron...
  14. FatBee

    Looking for influencers! TikTok, Twitter, Telegram Channels, Discord Everything.

    As the title says, I'm looking for Influencers on every platform. We are looking to shill an NFT. So you have an account, or you are an influencer or have contact with some of them, hit me up. Please, skip this if you have heavily botted accounts, I'm not looking for that we burned quite a lot...
  15. FatBee

    Looking for proxy providers. You think you the one?

    Im looking for proxy providers that can match the price of or close to it! @packetstream is doing the job well, but at some point, I think I will burn thru all their proxies and my backup private proxy farm won't handle the full load. I'm looking for someone who can provide the...
  16. FatBee

    ▶️ DISCORD SPAM HOUSE ⚡ Reach in to untapped market of 300m users. ⚡ Discord Mass DM Service ❤️

    Payment methods: Only Crypto as of now. If you want to place an order, feel free to contact me with any of the offered options below. Discord communication won't be possible due to the risks of being banned. Contact me on Telegram: Contact me on Skype...
  17. FatBee

    Looking for Reddit services.

    Looking for on-demand delivery upvotes, custom comments. They need to be delivered ASAP on request. PM me with offer. And speed.
  18. FatBee

    Have you ever DM Spam Discord?

    I'm currently building up accounts to start spamming. I think it's pretty efficient if you have the right server to scrape targets from. If you have done it before, whats your experience
  19. FatBee

    XRP FEB 1st, 2021 @8:30AM EST

    Who knows, knows. happy trading.
  20. FatBee

    Do you trust free tools?

    Do youbreally trust them? we all know that most of the free tools, seo or any other tool, do you trust them with your data? how safe/unsafe you feel? we all know that they are out there to gather emails, built a pixel or some other shit. il take my contentbear for example, 0 ads, 0 tracking...