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  1. Leon.Ken

    Anyone doing arbitrage and media buy here?

    I recently saw someone get big success by doing arbitrage. I tried it myself a little bit on health niche but failed. I bought traffic from native ads but my money site's RPM is too low. Questions: 1. How to get rid of low quality traffic or bot traffic? 2. Is there any good network to offer...
  2. Leon.Ken

    Anyone had good experience with ValueImpression?

    Hello guys, I recently searched BHW for solving some media buying and arbitrage problems and someone mentioned ValueImpression. Anyone worked with them? How's their payment and what the minimum requirement to get in? Any help appreciated.
  3. Leon.Ken

    Need captain: looking for residential proxy service

    Hello, I am looking for a residential proxy service, which can provide: 1. Geo targeting (country level) through API; 2. Rotate IP randomly within the specific country for every request, no need to wait for 5 mins or more for auto refresh; 3. A large IP pool; 4. Unlimited bandwidth, thread...