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    BlackHat FaceBook Like Jacker For Getting Likes (Approved)

    Email not received has the file been updated on Jvzoo? Edited to say - next time please post the current version so we can just compare. Still not working for me - emailing support
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    BlackHat FaceBook Like Jacker For Getting Likes (Approved)

    Does this like the current post by default yet or is that coming in the next update? Just purchased and will try it out!
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    FACEDOMINATOR: The Facebook Marketing Bomb!! Its Time to Dominate Facebook Marketing.

    Question - can I also sue this to add targeted friends from a UID list? I have a list of UIDs from one of my groups, the software I was using no longer works. Would I be able to import this list? If not, can I import profile urls? Thanks
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    Tumblingjazz - profesional tumblr bot at an affordable price

    Thanks and yes you are quite easy to reach - laziness on my part
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    Tumblingjazz - profesional tumblr bot at an affordable price

    I bought this in January, but only started using it in June and kicked myself for not using it sooner. I now run quite a few Tumblr blogs(probably about 18 or so) using this software and it has more than paid for itself many times over. I haven't even used all the features yet and to be honest...
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    750 Free Backlinks

    You are welcome! For those asking, no it is not 750 backlinks all at once, it is 25 backlinks a day = 750 backlinks per month. That is for the free account. With the premium account, you get up to 300 backlinks a day (100 sites up to 3 times a day max), but most people probably won't need all...
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    750 Free Backlinks

    Thought some of you might find this useful. Just started using this service, you either log in to the site to post your links , or download the Firefox plugin, which is easier. It is FREE to join and you can submit your url to 25 unique (unique C Class IPs and domains) sites daily for free...
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    Social Bookmarking to 25,50,100and 200 bookmarking sites for 4$

    Great job, will be ordering the Directory submission service next!
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    Social Bookmarking to 25,50,100and 200 bookmarking sites for 4$

    order placed for 200 social bookmarks, PM and payment sent.
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    150 ADULT DIRECTORY SUBMISSIONS - 100% Guaranteed Links or MoneyBack

    fast service, my order took just 1 day. Used this service primarily for backlinks, so any extra traffic will be a bonus. The blog I submitted already receives a lot of traffic(3-5k/day and growing), but I can check with detailed stats. Will definitely use this service again for backlinks.
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    Need Someone To Edit Flash Video Code On WP Blog

    I need someone, who can communicate in English to edit flash codes on a Wordpress adult blog. This is pretty straightforward, just don't have the time to do any more editing right now. There are about 250 blog posts left that need to be edited. Basically, you will be replacing the code used by...
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    Best Adult Program

    $30 for a free sign up is not fake at all, plus CE Cash have been going for years. $25-40 PPS is pretty standard for adult programs, whether it's free or trial. Of course, you don't get paid for rebills, so I prefer to mix programs - some PPS, some Partnership. PPS sponsors can afford to do that...
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    How To Increase Youtube Views...It WORKS!

    Well, it certainly works for me. Tried it first with an affiliate link to see if the hits would be counted as uniques('coz that way it would definitely increase views), then I sent some to YT - 5k on 1 video, 7k on the other, so far and counting. Started off at 100 max/hr for the 1st day and...
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    Convert Wordpress Theme To Blogger Template

    Do these work if you are using your own domains, or do you have to use I'm mainly a WP man, but want to set up a few blogger blogs(own domains).
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    Lets have a youtube experiment!!!

    By autoplay, I mean adding &autoplay=1 or rel=1&autoplay=1 to the embed code - there have been a lot of posts about trying to increase views through myspace by embedding on profiles with autoplay etc. I am pretty sure this will also apply to any script resulting in an autoplay, unless the script...
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    Lets have a youtube experiment!!!

    Just adding a few points here for those who don't know. Autoplays are NOT counted as views, haven't been for quite a while now. So if that was your plan, try something else. Real views freeze around the 200-300 mark, but will kick back in a few hours later. I have 2 videos created yesterday...
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    Wakkaoaka's Method: 100+ easy Youtube views a day

    FYI - YouTube hasn't counted autoplays as views for quite a while now, so your views must be coming from elsewhere. Did you check your youtube stats to confirm that they came from the intended page(s)? If youtube counted autoplays I'd be laughing all the way to the bank, not going crazy right now.
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    My Guide to Youtube Account creation!

    I'm in the USA and I don't go crazy with it.
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    My Guide to Youtube Account creation!

    I've been using the same method - resetting the mac address on my router for new IPs. I wondered if this was a good method(new to all this), but it made sense to me. I also use Tor for accounts I'm not too bothered about, but have had a couple deleted within 2 months. Another way of getting new...