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  1. Shad0w Walker

    How do I Create this

    Please, can anyone here direct me on how I can replicate the green highlighted area on the image below on my IG page. Thanks...
  2. Shad0w Walker

    Yandex Issues

    hello guys, I created an account on Yandex about last month, each time I try to send a mail with it I get an error message, what could be the problem, i've also tried sending "hello" to my other email accounts still the same problem. Bought a VPN the error persisted (the address is something I...
  3. Shad0w Walker

    Can't set Facebook ad Goals

    Please guys I can't find "Goals" when I try to set up an ad. I'm try to show the ad only to "people that are likely to click on the link" The images below, the one with goals is the account I used previously. While the other one is the one I'm trying to setup. Please your help is highly...
  4. Shad0w Walker

    Newbie needs some help to start up something.

    Hello, I've been around the forum for a while now, Some of the things I see here seems complicated to me. I'll like to start up something online, at least earn some cents from it. Most of the information I see here is talking bout Affliate! Affliate!! Affliate!!!. I'm from Nigeria, in this...