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  1. ciras

    Telegram Auto Adder/Messager Bot

    Hi there, I have been wanting to try Telegram botting i.e auto scraping, adding, and messaging but I don't have any idea what software to go for or try with? I found this app called Telegram Auto which I have been trying to get into contact with them but nobody is responding to my emails. Hence...
  2. ciras

    Looking for LinkedIn BOT/Software (not service)

    Hello, I am running currently around 100 clients on LI management. I am looking for software which is used by,, etc. It obvious that these tools are not self-made, since most of the software is almost the same, with similar features. I am using right now tools that are...
  3. ciras

    Looking for IG followers

    Hey, I am looking for service or tool, or advice. Would like to buy 300k followers monthly. Everything would be fine, but the point is I have to cinfigure it out: 300 accounts 720 followers per account 1 follower per hour at account Do you know how the hell I can do this?
  4. ciras

    Looking for tool simillar to Likeattack

    Hey, I am not sure how to become JR and I hope that I wrote this topic at right place. I am looking for service simillar to Likeattack but a way cheaper I am looking for service where i can mass add accounts to recive followers. It could be easy to just orded and add all accounts, but the...
  5. ciras

    How to get mails from facebook?

    Hey, I saw few days ago about tools which can get mails from users at selected groups. Is it possible to be working? If yes what tool can handle that? All I need are mails of users who joind for example group Instagram, etc.
  6. ciras

    Looking for tools

    Hello users, A year ago i was using Instagram Data Grabber PRO for these actions. But since i bought new license few days ago I did not get any answear from suppor cuz it is not working as it should. Well I am looking for tool which can get users email from their bio at Instagram. The Insta...