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  1. feysal

    DDOS attack

    First of all, please apologise my bad english. I would lile to ask you guys about ddos attack. Last few days i am getting warning from cloudways that my cpu resources exceed limit. My site is currently host at Linode. After checking with cloudways support they agreed that my site has been...
  2. feysal

    Help me on wordpress for quick $5

    Hi there. I have trouble to make my wordpress Post title to become clickable. On single post. I can see just title only and not clickable. i dont really understand the usage of permalink and where is the loop, as genesis theme is a bit different from normal theme. My theme is genesis theme...
  3. feysal

    Free $5 Help me with Iframe

    Tried to install this prayer time widget at my site(wordpress self hosted) but cannot get it showing on my site, surfed via chrome and firefox. Here is where i can get widget iFrame code: What i've done: - I tried a few wordpress plugin, not working. -...
  4. feysal

    Another update today?

    I have 2 money site that i am currently working on, experienced huge drop in rank. They use totally different link types, and different niche. One of them is mainly for usa/international, and the other one is for local search. The only similarity is that both of the site hosted under one...
  5. feysal

    [CheckLIST] Wat You Need to do for latest SEO update

    As we know SEO was changed. I recognized a few things that we need to do to SURVIVE in this latest SEO. For the one who know it already, just ignore the checklist. Ok, straight to the point. On Page 1) Create human readable content at least 500 words and put main keyword inside H1 and H2 tags...
  6. feysal

    How to show star rating

    Hi. Can you guys help me how to show star rating on Google search for root domain. It's something like and not I've tried almost all available star rating and schema creator wp plugin, but i dont know how to make it for root domain/homepage. Apologise my bad...
  7. feysal

    Looking for Iframe Traffic

    Hi, i'm looking for iframe traffic. Which is only 1px x 1px in size. Site requirement: - Had over 3k daily impression. Low bounce rate. - No adsense installed on that site. I thought adsense doesn't allow iframe inserted in the page where adsense ads displayed. Is it? I'll pay $1 a day...
  8. feysal

    Can you Suggest The Real Value of This Domain

    The domain is: Slovenian extension and anyone could register it. I saw that all other extension taken. But, i didn't know how to do with it. Clueless. :confused: Anyone can value the domain for me and give suggestion what to do with it. Thanks in advance... :eyebrows: