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  1. Phillis86

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  2. Phillis86

    method - How to Build a CONTENT CLUSTER

    I've got a blog that's ranking well for a very very high keyword. Let's go with your example: my blog is ranking in 1st position for 'zodiac signs'. Awesome keyword, loads of volume, but the user intent is vague. Is it a request for information? Is there transactional value? the other SERPs for...
  3. Phillis86

    How can such a Blog get 50K backlinks in a few months?

    So KD wasn't a factor when it came to finding the 'right' keywords, yeah? Not expecting you to give away secrets, but what can you share that can help others rank for keywords with such difficulty so quickly?
  4. Phillis86

    How can such a Blog get 50K backlinks in a few months?

    What role did keyword difficulty play in this? There are loads of terms that I want to rank for, and my domain is aged with a number of good quality white hat links, but I'm apprehensive to create content targeting a keyword that's 'difficult'.
  5. Phillis86

    Predicting organic traffic potential, and doubling it in 12 months.

    We have an entire brand team dedicated to social. My role is to double the organic traffic from Google.
  6. Phillis86

    Predicting organic traffic potential, and doubling it in 12 months.

    My CMO has approached me and asked me to create a content plan to double organic traffic in 12 months. I have no idea where to start. When I create content now, it's usually involving a new product (we're an e-commerce store), or it's when I identify a keyword opportunity that's a good...
  7. Phillis86

    AppSumo's SumoDay - Anything Worth Buying This Year?

    As a writing assistant, not dedicated writer, I really liked ContentForge
  8. Phillis86

    Easily see all 'Google-selected canonical' pages

    The canonical tags have been in place since 2019 and still haven't been honoured :D it's a bit of a clust***uck at the moment. If there's no easy way, I guess I'll have to spend my afternoon working on it! Thanks heaps!
  9. Phillis86

    Easily see all 'Google-selected canonical' pages

    I have absolutely no idea how to use an API - there's no tool that can punch out a CSV or something? We have several ccTLDs, and we're entertaining the idea of merging all those domains. I want to show that a majority of the content on our domain isn't being shown in the UK due to...
  10. Phillis86

    Easily see all 'Google-selected canonical' pages

    I've got a com and site with the exact same content (long story) and there's separated with canonical tags. the .com version is the x-default. Google doesn't honour all of those tags though, and some of the .com pages are indexed in the UK. My site has loads of URLs, and I can't...
  11. Phillis86

    ✔️ Are you STILL working towards 50k page views per month on your niche site? ⚡⚡ Here is a METHOD to reach there Without writing more content.

    This has irritated me for way too long. What's the difference between blog categories and blog silos? At what point do you do one rather than the other? How do they coexist and complement each other? What can one do that the other can't?
  12. Phillis86

    Content on e-commmerce category pages?

    Do what your competitors are doing. My ecom site has text boxes with small H3 headings and body copy underneath the product tiles. The same applies for collection pages and industry pages. There's more meat for Google to process and pull out keywords from. Just make sure that what you write...
  13. Phillis86

    Outreach tracking platforms

    Hey everyone I've recently taken on outreach management for my company, and I'm finding that our PR team, influencer marketing team and myself are often trying to speak to similar people at the same company. I'm on the hunt for some decent CRM that we can all work from and ensure that we...
  14. Phillis86

    Get Real, Active, Engaging, Geo-Targeted, Niche Specific Instagram Followers

    I'm interested to know if you can do this to gain followers in languages other than English.
  15. Phillis86

    Using a blog to rank for a keyword dominated by car rental sites

    I've identified a keyword that's got some potential, but it's about renting a car in the city I live in. Like most parts of the world, car rental in a big city is a touchy subject. In my city, they're known for ripping you off. I have first hand experience. I'm considering creating a blog...
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    Dollar Network ▶️▶️▶️ PowerUp your Website with our PBN Backlinks ✅✅✅ @ Just $1

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    Marketing my company's affiliate program

    I've been trying this, and I'm just hitting a lot of resistance. Our product is more B2B2C. We sell packaging supplies to small/medium businesses that then use their packaging as part of their business. Finding blogs or websites that are willing to sign up and become our affiliate is painful...