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  1. tripz20

    Possible Follow Block Workaround!

    I recently noticed my account was following users without me having the follow tool turned on. I just checked in on Jarvee and realize why! I had started the story viewer function to test if it would also receive action blocks. it has not so far. I am running pretty conservative settings at...
  2. tripz20

    Story Viewing- European Models\Accounts

    I have noticed a HUGE influx of European story views from HUGE accounts 60k-1M follower accounts. it seems to be the new big thing. I know story viewing has been available in bots for quite awhile but I have noticed these large accounts have been "viewing" my story a lot recently and even had a...
  3. tripz20


    what are your guys thoughts on micro-boosting posts with SMM panels? I have been giving my new account small boosts (40 likes max on photos) with SMM. I’m trying to see if it has any effect on it being served to more people or if more likes than my average posts come in(subtracting the purchased...
  4. tripz20

    Following issues GMT2

    Hey everyone, I have been running into an issue on my new fitness account, I am follow blocked but GMT2 is showing users as followed successfully. I tested direct from my phone and I click follow and it follows for a split second and then blocks the action. GMT2 is showing it as successful...
  5. tripz20

    [Observation]Bots don't kill engagement, garbage content does.

    Hello everyone, I am here with an observation. Bots are NOT killing your engagement. Your garbage/recycled same as everyone else content is. For the longest time I attributed my 17.6k fitness account's engagement plummet to my vast use of engagement groups/bots/purchased followers/ etc...
  6. tripz20

    Facebook Location ID's

    Hi Everyone, Is there currently a way to view a mass/master list of Facebook Locations? Since Instagram uses this to tag locations I basically want to scrape a mass list of locations based on a particular business but I am hitting a brick wall in finding where to scrape from.
  7. tripz20

    Pull location by business name

    Is there a current way to pull locations by a business name Example: My account is in the fitness niche and I would like to pull ALL 24 Hour Fitness Gym Locations, ALL LA Fitness locations, ALL Gold's Gym locations etc. Is there currently any way to get this done?
  8. tripz20

    Growth Strategy(Go Private?)

    What is everyone's opinion on going private? I was thinking I could get more follow backs by going private as most bots do not have themselves set to private. It is another strategy I am interested in. I royally messed up my fitness account by buying followers/engagement and now that I am...
  9. tripz20

    IG Algorithm changes\possible glitch

    Hey everyone, I noticed a BIG change in the algorithm recently where it is showing a HUGE amount of posts from the accounts I like frequently. I had like 10 posts in a row from one of the same account, a lot were posts I had already liked. It looks like either the algo is glitching or they...
  10. tripz20

    Faster Growth?

    Hi Everyone, I have been successful botting my Dog's account but would like some tips for expanding the growth. I post about once a day with stories about 2-3 times a day. I am currently targeting popular pages and have recently started to heavily target locations in Japan(My dog is a Shiba...
  11. tripz20

    FOUND: Hashtag directory of instagram

    Don't know if this has been discussed here before or if this is old news. But I have stumbled upon something potentially awesome
  12. tripz20

    Largest Accounts Sorted By Niche?

    Are there tools/websites that can provide the largest accounts separated by niche? I am looking for quality scraping sources to pull from for my Dog's instagram. See below for initial botting results.
  13. tripz20

    Thousands of purchased/bot followers.... [Poll]

    I purchased probably close to 10-12k followers over the course of time I was at 22k and have cleared down to 18.2k. Should I continue with the mass purge or try and gain as well? One downside is it makes it tough to gauge my growth when I continuously see negative follower numbers from my...
  14. tripz20

    GMT2 Tips & Tricks

    Hello All, Title says it all. Post your tips and tricks for successful integration of the GMT2 modules. Example: I just found out you can use the integrated tag generator to populate your scraping parameters in the modules. I searched tags and exported each search to a file and then imported...
  15. tripz20

    My Instagram Journey

    Hey BHW, Starting this thread so I can use myself as the guinea pig for theories posted here about IG and engagement. Current Page Stats Niche- Fitness\Personal Followers- 20.9k(mostly botted,purchased) Following- 2,264 Posts- 98 Profile Type- Business I am currently in the process of...
  16. tripz20

    Is It Worth It to Remove Ghost Followers?

    From what I have read on here I have seen mixed feelings. I have a ton of ghost/fake followers which I am pretty sure bricked my account. Will removing them and starting back legit with my account save it or is just a dead account now?
  17. tripz20

    Instagram 2018, from Bots/SMM To Legit Engagement?

    Hi BHW, I have browsed here for years and years and finally decided to start posting. I have a fitness account currently with 18.5k followers. Mostly through SMM and Bots. What would be the best way to slowly move away from these methods? Also who else here is in the fitness niche? Would...