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  1. Bahmer

    ** GSA SER monthly basting service ** 25 USD/Month!! **

    Hey guys, So I've been able to get a bit more time now in my life so this thread is now active again and I am taking orders. Since this service is for professionals only please do not contact me unless you are serious about the quality of the links being built. No review copies are available...
  2. Bahmer

    ** GSA SER monthly basting service ** 25 USD/Month!! **

    Hey Guys, Sorry you haven't heard from me in a while. I've been super busy working in a non-seo related field that's proved incredibly lucrative. I haven't taken any new order for quite some time now, however I still would not appreciate any users posting in my BST advertising their own 'GSA...
  3. Bahmer

    How Much you make a day from the internet ? from which domain ?

  4. Bahmer

    ** GSA SER monthly basting service ** 25 USD/Month!! **

    Nope, there are some reviews on page 1
  5. Bahmer

    ** GSA SER monthly basting service ** 25 USD/Month!! **

    It's pretty simple- you send me the URLs you want supported and I'll support them!
  6. Bahmer

    How can you tell a domain was a pbn?

    Backlinks, metrics, and history (if its available).
  7. Bahmer

    ** GSA SER monthly basting service ** 25 USD/Month!! **

    All out of review copies and discounts, but it's only 25 usd for a month. That's not that much in the long run.
  8. Bahmer

    no one ever believes in me.

    Ended up getting banned for his thread.
  9. Bahmer

    Wordpress Website running EXTREMELY slow on my new vServer

    Did you use a photo from shutterstock as a placeholder or is that actually how the site is going to look?
  10. Bahmer


    I am not having issues, no. But that's because I stopped using you months ago.
  11. Bahmer

    So what Happened with Gorka?

    So as many of you (and me) predicted, I guess he was lying through his teeth. Any ideas as to what really was going on there? Based on what the mod said he was lying about his location (not in the USA or Russia). What do you think?
  12. Bahmer

    Dammit You Guys Gobbled Up .XYZ

    That must be a joke...
  13. Bahmer

    Registered new domain for an affiliate site. Forgot to check if it was used before.

    I would have checked that stuff out prior to buying it, but yeah I wouldn't put any time into it. Might not get indexed.
  14. Bahmer


    I use a series of elves that I have tied up in my basement.
  15. Bahmer


    Death by Captcha is awful - they refuse to acknowledge that their products don't work with SER anymore.
  16. Bahmer

    Going Homeless.

    Someone quoted me up there, but I was vehemently against all his major plans for world domination and financial success way back in his 'success' thread. Sucks that happened though. You could probably get a gym membership for cheap and shower there.
  17. Bahmer

    After buy expired Domains, DA & PA decreased!

    Maybe the person who sold you the domains took a bunch of links off of them. Not sure how fast it would drop but that could be a factor.
  18. Bahmer

    Anyone of know of a program that can do this?

    You can do this super easily using scrapebox I think- just trim everything after the mask you specify.
  19. Bahmer

    Landing Pages? Buy, Create, Borrow, or Steal.

    Not going to lie- the design of your LP isn't that great. It's so plain and basic I honestly didn't even think to scroll down. Sorry but you need to do some design work on this before you worry about traffic...
  20. Bahmer

    ** GSA SER monthly basting service ** 25 USD/Month!! **

    Spots are filling up quickly, PM me if you want in on this package!