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  1. derpywizard

    Sandbox Nightmare

    I'm mad, I lost yet another site to the sandbox (500+ in google). It seems that no matter what I do, whether I take it slow and easy or blast my sites in oblivion, they always eventually get sandboxed, always. 2 of my boxed sites are about to reach 1 year in the box. I gave up on those sites and...
  2. derpywizard

    Looking For A Sentence Scrambler

    I'm looking for a sentence scrambler or re-arranger. I don't know if I can do it in text editors so I'm wondering if anyone knows how to do it or has an app for it. Thank you very much!
  3. derpywizard

    I Need A Laptop/Notebook

    Before you guys jump on me telling me this not seo or whatever, this thread is in the Lounge. Anyway, now that I'm starting to use my computer more and more, and I also need to move about aside but need access to my work files and internet to check on my remote computer, I am in need of a...
  4. derpywizard

    What is the official decaptcher site?

    Is it or When I search I get in number one. Since I have not visited them in a while, I don't know which one is legit. They don't redirect to each either.
  5. derpywizard

    Scrapebox Learning Mode - It won't Learn the Submit button

    Hey guys, I'm trying to teach Scrapebox to post to an imageboard with recaptcha on it. So far I was able to successfully teach it all other fields except for the submit. In the learning mode, some fields did not allow me to enter anything when I clicked on them. This was problematic because...
  6. derpywizard

    How do you write a prog/batch/file to delete files?

    How can I create a program or app or batch file or something that will allow me to delete a certain folder except for some content when I click it? ie. I write program.exe and when I click it and it runs it deletes C://Data/Folder1 -except it leaves everything but 1 file ie...
  7. derpywizard

    What's your opinion on the Best Open Source Cart?

    I wrote a bunch more explaining my predicament with finding the free-commerce platform for me (So that I can begin. I simply don't have the funds to buy a dedicated cart). Basically, what open-source or free cart platform do you like best and why? So far I've been trying to open up an...
  8. derpywizard

    Would You Buy A Domain Just For The Age?

    I've come across some pretty old domains on godaddy's TDNAM. I found 4 11 year old domains, 3 10s. What I'm trying to do is find just one keyword that might be profitable and give it a complete overhaul. Change the content, template, and everything else. Then because it is old I will be able...
  9. derpywizard

    How Do I Protect Myself When Buying A Website Outside Of Websites like Flippa?

    I've never bought a website before, be it on Flippa or anywhere. What are the things I should ask for and verify before sending payment to someone for a website? And how can I determine it's worth? Tips? Experiences? Thanks guys.
  10. derpywizard

    What Article Marketing Software Do You Use?

    Hey guys, what marketing software do YOU use? I'm currently torn between Article Marketing Robot and Article Demon (from the makers of BMD). I hear nothing but good things about software and I tried the trial to AMR myself. While I loved AMR I as kind of confused about one concept. I know...
  11. derpywizard

    Looking for a Specific function in Article Spinners...

    Hi guys, I'm looking for a specific function in an article spinner. I'm willing to pay some money to get it because I need to spin my articles. Normally I hand spin my articles to includes segments of other relevant articles to increase the uniqueness. Sometimes I add in html and add {sentence|}...
  12. derpywizard

    Order Form Submit but no Sale, what happened?

    About 4 days ago I had 1 order form submit for a product I'm not really actively promoting. I also had 8 order form impressions, 8 hops. If someone submits an order form that has to be a sale, right? If so maybe the tracking just got messed up or something. The product I was promoting had no...
  13. derpywizard

    Hey guys I was wondering, what are some good tools?

    Hey guys who are you all doing tonight/today? I was wondering if you guys could help me with something. I haven't been getting enough traffic to my sites to make sales and submits for some of my CPA offers. About 2 months I made a clickbank sale and I felt great, ecstatic really. However I...