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  1. TheoreticallyBr

    [Help] Adsterra code ruining My Website

    I recently added adsterra code to my website hoping to make some money but it has officially turned into a nightmare. It somehow managed to install redirect code. Google has now punished me for this. Tried removing the code that I had set up using HFCM plugin and managed to delete all of them...
  2. TheoreticallyBr

    $100 Bing ads credits.[Help]

    Newbie here.I just received $100 bing promo code. How can I make money with this please?
  3. TheoreticallyBr

    Websites with direct search ad links[$$$]

    Can someone please guide me on how these kind of websites are created. They seem to be making alot of money
  4. TheoreticallyBr

    [Question] CPA marketing with paid ads

    This is a straight forward question. I currently made some money from my job and I would like to start off in internet marketing. Came across CPA marketing(CPAgrip, OGads etc). I want to start off with paid methods for quicker results. My question is Can anyone direct me to a paid ads method...
  5. TheoreticallyBr

    Newbie with a new site.

    Hi there everybody. I am a complete newbie when it comes to running websites and SEO. I recently started a website and passed what many would refer to as the "sandbox period". I am currently being ranked for around 25-30 new keywords daily(semrush stats). My content gets indexed by google in...
  6. TheoreticallyBr


    Hi there, my name is brian a newbie webmaster. Glad to be here already blown away by the amount of information here. Some of you really have some amazing info that could net $$ if used correctly