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  1. dmass43

    [GET] Imacros Twitter Follow Script

    I was playing around with imacros and came up with this script to gain somewhat targeted followers on Twitter depending on who you already follow. VERSION BUILD=8810214 RECORDER=FX TAB T=1 URL GOTO= TAG POS=1 TYPE=BUTTON ATTR=TXT:Follow<SP>Following<SP>Unfollow<SP>Blocked<SP>Unblock<SP>Pen*...
  2. dmass43

    I want to create a new social exchange site what features would you like?

    I'm a web developer and I'm thinking of creating a new social exchange website. Im thinking along the lines of addmefast but I want to support reddit, twitter, facebook,tumblr, and pintrest. Please let me know what you guys would like.
  3. dmass43

    My Journey to quit my job

    Sup everyone Ive been lurking around here for a minute and think that I've learned enough to start a successful journey. I got my niche and I think I should do fairly well. Here's what I have planned already got hosting hosting at rmx uploading at least 5 posts a day Getting backlinks from...