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  1. Rafiki59

    backlinks and dripfeed question

    Hello, I was wondering if it was the same as: 1 ) adding 10 new links per day + using an indexer for a period of 1 month 2 ) add the 300 links in one day and apply a dripfeed in an indexer over a period of 1 month Thanks !
  2. Rafiki59

    I need someone from Brazil - Amazon Business

    Hi, I need someone from Brazil to open amazon account. You will be paid 50% of the fees earned. This is for long term and JV in this. To resume, I own 20 sites with Amazon and would like clone them in portuguese ( it's already done ). I have created a post here for more details. Pm with here...
  3. Rafiki59

    50/50 Partnership Amazon Spanish/Indian/Italia

    Hello guys, First, I will introduce myself. I have been doing online affiliation for 2 years in French market, mainly with Amazon. I manage to generate a volume of earnings between €800 and €1300 per month depending on the season. You can see my results for the previous months here : April ...
  4. Rafiki59

    Can I share API Amazon ?

    Hello guys, I run a little websites park and I use most of the time API Amazon on all of them. I will create a new amazon account with a friend and we will make a new websites park together. The problem is : API Amazon is a must and we will need it fast but it requires at least 3 sells to get...
  5. Rafiki59

    Star rating problem on Google

    Hello, I don't know if that happened for someone but most of my websites ( more than 10 ) using the plugin "WP post rating" didn't show anymore the star rating on the SERP. And I have few sites with "KK star rating" which still display the star rating on the serp. I precise I have often...
  6. Rafiki59

    Expired Domain - I get a manual penaly

    Hello there, I was happy because I had found a deleted domain name with good authority and quality backlinks. So I bought it after checking in advance on webarchive that the old site was not a spam site. I hadn't detected anything unusual, it was a site belonging to a start-up that went...
  7. Rafiki59

    Spin content for money site ?

    Hi, I would like use spin content on money sites. Did someone try ArticleForge, SeoContent machine and Kontent machine ? What is the best between them ? thanks !