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  1. Seven4

    Skype lagging

    Just wondering if anyone else is having trouble with their skype lagging? I had a business deal all set up and there were no notifications given that I had a message. And the person got upset with me because they said they can not work with someone who does not answer them. My settings are...
  2. Seven4

    Tailwind account

    Anyone on here use tailwind? I was reading that some people use this for their Pinterest accounts to make money. Was not sure if it was useful for anyone or not.
  3. Seven4

    What do you know about MeWe?

    A friend of mine was just telling me about MeWe, a new social media platform. I have never heard of it before. Have you? If so what do you all know about it? Do you think that it will be big?
  4. Seven4

    Internet researchers

    Hey my friend was telling me that one can make money doing internet researches. Anyone have any lists of places that are hiring for this? I have been unable to find any that are hiring or look credible.
  5. Seven4

    What is the best copywriting advice you ever heard?

    We often read articles teaching us how to write great pages to sell when you are a marketer. What is the best advice you ever heard about writing persuasive content. The one that rule my writing: "Each sentence serve one purpose till the call to action: Make someone read the next sentence. So...
  6. Seven4

    YouTube Account on Approved Countries to use on non approved ones.

    If you have an approved account for adsense. But, you are not allowed to join YouTube partners because your country is not yet supported. Do you think it is legit and possible to get someone in a country where YouTube partner is allowed to start a YouTube account and link your adsense account...
  7. Seven4

    Sites like reddit?

    Are there any sites similar to reddit, that have big traffic? Of course, not as big as reddit's, but traffic big enough it's worth to try and capitalize on it?
  8. Seven4

    The world of programming [infographic]

    Here's a short overview of the programming world: big names, big events, etc. What do you think?
  9. Seven4

    The SEO puzzle [infographic]

    Here's another infographic about white hat SEO and different factors that can improve your search engine optimization.
  10. Seven4

    5 plugins you use on your every wordpress blog

    Hi guys, so, let's start another topic about wordpress. This time: plugins. What are the 5 most essential plugins you use on every of your blogs? What does your list look like? Mine would be: 1. Google XML Sitemaps 2. SEO by Yoast 3. Contact form 7 4. WP Clone (for backups) 5. Wordfence...
  11. Seven4

    What is your favorite Wordpress theme?

    What is your favorite Wordpress theme? Most of us here use wordpress. I'm curious, when you set up a new website - what theme do you usually use? I know it all depends on the niche, but there are a lot good general-purpose themes, suitable for more than one niche. So, what's your favorite...
  12. Seven4

    2 weeks for money clearing on fiverr?

    Is there a way to shorten this period? Two weeks to get the money you earned seems to long. Is there a way to work around this?
  13. Seven4

    Exchange reddit tips and tricks!

    Since reddit is a social network, I thought it would be a great idea to exchange a few tips and tricks on how to maximize exposure there, how to gain a lot of comment karma, how to get a lot of link karma etc... Recommend good and interesting subreddits etc I'll start: You can get a lot of...
  14. Seven4

    The evolution of programming

    Interesting infographic about the evolution of programming.
  15. Seven4

    Web design trends for 2015

    Here are some examples of web design trends in 2015 in form of an infographic. Let me know what you think.
  16. Seven4

    SEO Checklist for 2015

    Here's an new, updated infographic on must-do regarding SEO, for 2015 What do you think?
  17. Seven4

    18 Rules You Must Follow to Ensure You Use Text Correctly on Your Website

    Here's an interesting infographic: 18 Rules You Must Follow to Ensure You Use Text Correctly on Your Website What do you think? Do you agree? Did you find it useful ?
  18. Seven4

    What Is a quality link - infographic

    Here's an interesting infographic that describes what is a quality of a link. Hope you find it useful and learn something new :D
  19. Seven4

    Smart Ways To Combine Content Marketing With SEO [infographic]

    Here's a useful infographic the community can benefit from. What do you think?