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    Cloaking affiliate links

    I am wanting to cloak my affiliate links securely but I have tried using an iframe cloak and it has been not allowed by some sites (i.e. they don't allow their site to be displayed in a frame), and also a method that drops your aff cookie and goes to the bare URL of the destination site (i.e. no...
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    This should be a sticky: Do NOT use Google Disavow Tool

    I know there have been a few threads about the disavow tool, but the purpose of this thread is exclusively a warning: Do NOT use it. Why? Because Google is trying to use us all against eachother. If we all use it, and 'snitch' on eachother, soon Google will have a giant library of backlinks...
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    BHW Members Please Help Me My Mind Has Been F*ked by Warrior Forum

    Dear BHW friends, I am in need of counselling and I can?t go to a regular counsellor about this because they wouldn?t know about Warrior Forum. So I turn you my BHW friends. There have been a couple of other threads from fellow BHW members in distress as a result of excessive exposure to WF...
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    Attention All Newbies/People Struggling: The Truth of SEO

    Preface: The following set of posts was made by me in the Jr VIP section, on the issue of SEO services. I am posting in the Black Hat SEO section with the kind permission of BigBuddy, because I am tired of newbies (as I once was) getting sold the false dream of SEO and losing all their money to...
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    my hostamus VPS - 1GB ram, dual core i7, 100 mbps port

    Check it out - today got my highest speed ever, hrefer (1000 threads) + xrumer (200 threads) running simultaneously. My e-penis feels quite swole today ;) I have no affiliation with hostamus, just saying you don't need to pay hundreds for a dedi to do some heavy lifting. (I pay around $40 a...
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    Strange problem in my browser

    I am using Opera, and I have bizarre text size/font/alignment on BHW and on most other sites as well. Sometimes the text doesn't even appear, or if it does, it's really weird. Does anyone know what is causing this? Thanks, JB
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    Call me Bartman for today

    A few weeks ago I was in hospital for about a week (I still had access to internet, luckily, but couldn't do any work). Most of that time was spent in quite a lot of pain or vomiting. I felt pretty pathetic at my tender age not being able to walk or even drink a glass of water, needing a saline...
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    Penguin: My test results are in

    Following on from this thread , in which even Matt Cunts himself even says that you may well have to abandon your site if it gets slammed by Penguin, I tried to recover 5-10 of my sites hit by this retarded update. Many people are preaching X or Y conclusions about Penguin, but they are mostly...
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    Errr...I don't feel right doing this...

    So, er, usually I'm quite decisive in my SEO efforts. I act very quickly. I don't have periods of hesitation. I don't let any negative feelings influence my work. But after Penguin and a lot of my sites getting hit, half my income wiped out, I've been feeling a bit sick lately. Maybe some of...
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    I have concluded that money makes me happy

    Before the Penguin update, my earnings were increasing every month. It was tedious to build more sites, rank more sites, build more sites, rank more sites, but I had this good feeling inside me as my money went up, that I was changing my life and it would be possible to become a millionaire...
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    God damn my longtails...

    Looking over the stats, Most of my loss of earnings doesn't result from losing rankings for main keywords for the home page. Most of those are still in tact. Where I have lost money is the long tails, the very product specific keywords that convert like crazy. This month I have: Lower average...
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    The F*ck is wrong with Death By Captcha

    Right now I am getting solve times of 78 seconds, seventy-eight seconds!!! And out of 1000 captchas sent, 300 were rejected. That costs me a shitload of money and time because now I have to run again OR settle for less links. This isn't at their daily 10 minute maintenance period, it's just...
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    Happy easter from sports illustrated model

    I think I am going to cry And another one that would rouse even the most shrivelled of wieners:
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    Cpanel Addon Domain Redirect

    I am just looking at my Addon domains in my cpanel hosting account, they are all wordpress blogs -- some of them under the 'redirects to' show \/..*$ while others are not redirected at all. It doesn't seem to affect the functioning of my sites but I am just wondering what this \/..*$ actually means?
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    Xsserver support

    Hey guys, is Xsserver support responding to you at all right now? Because my VPS has been down for 2 days literally, I raised the ticket 2 days ago and they still haven't responded. Is it just with me or everyone else?
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    My Opinion on Screwing Over Competitors

    candybar, jr executive vip, what a fucking joke. yes, I am calling you out. I first would like to thank the administrators of this forum for swiftly deleting that thread. your entire SEO strategy is by snitching to matt cunts? are you kidding me... I bet nearly all the members in the bh...
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    xsserver driving me insane - any other BH friendly VPS?

    Over the past 2 weeks, Xsserver has gone down 4 times for up to 1 day at a time, leading to lost money and more valuable time down the drain. Their datacenter is fucking up. Each network 'crash' requires a reboot (after xsserver takes 12-24 hours to fix the problem), so I can't automatically...
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    Shared hosts and antivirus / malware

    Do shared hosts have antivirus and malware scanners running on their end? E.g. hostgator, justhost, fatcow etc. ?
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    How did this happen?

    Guys, am I imagining things or did Matt cutts manage to get his thread removed from the shit list? I can't seem to find the thread on him anymore. If I am overlooking it, can someone point me towards it? Surely the leaders of the biggest Black hat forum would not yield to pressure from the...