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  1. THABO

    How is this possible

    Theres a drop down menu there to switch as i can see your default is your profile by the pic you posted
  2. THABO

    How is this possible

    Use desktop facebook and locate your page post and click share the select share to group then type in the name of the group U in durban?
  3. THABO

    Facebook page journey to 500$/month

    OP talked about growing page likes in his posts that why we assumed he will be using organic reach when he has those likes
  4. THABO

    Facebook page journey to 500$/month

    Wow someone starting off on Facebook id like to see this as Facebook just decreased and limited pages on showing on users newsfeed goodluck anyway
  5. THABO

    About to launch my site, any advice for me? Thanks in advance

    If things don't go the way you planned don't give up!!!
  6. THABO

    Which one of ya'll is spamming - "Get Free High Quality HD Wallpapers"

    my site has the same anchors on majestic not even my brand name shows but it hasn't affected rankings badly
  7. THABO

    What is the ebst forum software?

    You want free or paid forum software?
  8. THABO

    Facebook introducing face recognition

    Ja true i also saw the feature to login facebook using your Gmail account via android device dont know if this is new
  9. THABO

    From South Africa

    Welcome man I am from South Africa too Kzn
  10. THABO

    I need love, can i ask her directly

    Yes just take a shot of vodka first to get rid of shyness
  11. THABO

    Zuckerberg sells $500m in facebook shares

    Sorry if its double post cant seem to find this topic here
  12. THABO

    Facebook page hacked

    @ayumipie Can you please explain properly and where to get that script because the only thing i know is to be admin of abandoned Facebook groups they just notify u and you accept to be admin
  13. THABO

    Facebook page hacked

    Good u got ur page back me 2 i did
  14. THABO

    Facebook page hacked

    agh man i never thought i can be so dumb i felt something wrong but wanted to try it out, some fake random profile messaged me on my page and duped me to adding my page on their business manager instant articles thing and that gave them total ownership of...
  15. THABO

    Facebook page hacked

  16. THABO

    Facebook page hacked

    Too late they removed me now i cant get through facebook support
  17. THABO

    Facebook page hacked

    Please help me get my page back the i didn't make hacker admin and i am not yet kicked out they claim facebook page via business manager they dont have admin role but can use the page they are deleting my photos as we speak
  18. THABO

    Instant articles

    Hi guys i got a request from some stranger to work with me he wants to add my facebook page to instant artcles is it safe can they hack my page through this
  19. THABO

    Is this link followed or not

    Can i pm you the link so you can see it