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  1. TheoreticallyBr

    300k+ monthly visits low payouts GAdsense

    Then switch your ad network to ezoic,mediavine or adthrive. I don't know what you are waiting for. Google Adsense should only be a starter.
  2. TheoreticallyBr

    How I Made 484$ In 1 Hour Of Work

    just two before I gave up. I should have posted more (edit) find a huge subreddit with lots of users and a decent number online. Upon seeing responses it gave me the idea that I could promote my Fiverr gigs/affiliates using the same method. I haven't tried it yet(pure laziness). I suppose it...
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    How I Made 484$ In 1 Hour Of Work

    d When it comes to CPA networks be completely upfront and honest. I can stress enough how much honesty is important. remember that affiliate managers are human beings and not some algorithm you can cheat. I have been accepted into a CPA network with no prior experience/earnings just because I...
  4. TheoreticallyBr

    How I Made 484$ In 1 Hour Of Work

    n not much just $20 but the method works. The problem is I was reported by a Reddit watchdog user. not a mod even. I suppose you can scale with multiple reddit accounts and mass spamming groups. I made the poster using canva. I was actually suprised that people responded to the poster.
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    Can I publish my affiliate system?

    Upgrade your membership and create a sales thread
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    1.500€ a month with Twitter automation

    Good luck. will be following
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    What content do you think deserves a tier2 backlink?

    What do you mean?
  8. TheoreticallyBr

    Pure Code Site vs Wordpress

    Wordpress is better mainly because it has such a high adoption rate that it is prone to spontaneous innovation for example awesome plugins. You don't want to do things alone when it comes to seo
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    How to optimize adsense ads placement for maximum income?

    After adding in article ads I now have earnings everyday albeit small(my website is still small)
  10. TheoreticallyBr

    Where can I find simps

    TikTok(their algorithm is just mwah top notch) and any girl gamer stream, followers of hot insta-models, people who go the extra mile to create accounts and comment on porn videos instead of jerking off like normal people
  11. TheoreticallyBr

    rankmath instant index for Google still working?

    Yes it works.
  12. TheoreticallyBr

    Do U people always put the keyword in the title of a post?

    Isn't that the whole backbone and point of SEO
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    TerraLeads SCAM

    A COD affiliate network should not be able to play the "incentive traffic" card because they only pay after delivery ie receiving the money!!!
  14. TheoreticallyBr

    Are forum sites a valid competition?

    Looking for keywords where forums rank is literally a keyword research method for low KD .
  15. TheoreticallyBr

    Youtube blackhat idea, make 2000$ a day

    You need to be smarter than this. Imagine all the combined technical knowledge engineers at youtube have. They are paid to literally think like you and prevent it
  16. TheoreticallyBr

    This is how you do CPA on Facialbook

    it was an embeded facebook post of a CPA campaign. it has been deleted hence why you don't understand anything
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    Do you use AdBlocker to access BHW? It's not Cool!

    I Have whitelisted BHW. I like the ads since they are very relevant. They also give me ideas on what I can advertise on BHW
  18. TheoreticallyBr

    How I Made 484$ In 1 Hour Of Work

    Tried this today and it works flawlessly. You only have to watch out for reddit watchdogs who report your account as a trap/spam
  19. TheoreticallyBr

    How much money would you need to become financially independent in your country?

    $3k is enough to cover my basic expenses and leave some for investment