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  1. seomonopolist

    Does anyone know where to purchase an Amazon account.

    Mine keeps getting shut down. I have used different IP's, bank accounts, emails, anything that might associate myself with the other accounts that have been shut down. Does anyone know of a service that I can buy an established account?
  2. seomonopolist

    I have 21 different hosting accounts, all with different ip's. What should I do next?

    Okay, so here is my dilemma. Like the title says, I have 21 hosting accounts and they all have different ips. Most of them are completely different, but some of them have the same A block IP. No two B blocks are the same, however. So I was thinking. Should I host 21 websites on these 21...
  3. seomonopolist

    I was #3 on Google, now I am number #53

    I was told by Volusion that I should enable the canonical funtion and as soon as I did my site bombed. Now I'm not sure if I should wait to see what it does and ride it out, or if I should change it back. What would you do? The site I am referring to is w w and the...
  4. seomonopolist

    Seo company sounds too good to be true...

    Just wanted to get your 2 cents. Here is the email that he sent. Says he has worked on multi-multi-million dollar businesses. What do you think, real deal or fraud. His Message: I was side tracked in a meeting with our fashion clients today (sorry for the delay). We specialize in many...
  5. seomonopolist

    Thinking about making a linkmarket website clone for a 14.95 a month instead of their expe

    expensive prices. Do you think there is still a market for this?
  6. seomonopolist

    Is anyone else having issues with adsence or can recommend a good keyword search tool

    The keyword tool has not been loading for several days, don't know if it's a glitch or if they made that service unavailable, or if they moved the site. Can anyone help, or recommend the best keyword tool that they use. Free would be great but paid is okay too. Thanks all, Cheers.
  7. seomonopolist

    I will blast your site to 54068

    Twitter followers. Just looking for some thanks and rep. PM me after with your site and message and I will post to all 13 of my accounts with 54068 combined followers. Once completed I can send you the accounts for verification. Enjoy.
  8. seomonopolist

    I rank #3 out of 261,000,000 for the keyword "buy pot"

    On Yahoo and Bing Any suggestions on what I should do with this site to make money?
  9. seomonopolist

    What are unresolved ip addresses on my server

    Is this a normal number? Hosts : 0 Known, 7836 Unknown (unresolved ip) ,6348 Unique visitors Are unresolved ip's spam? I am trying to figure out why my bounce rate shot up from 33% to 96.18% in one day.
  10. seomonopolist

    I think I got kicked in the face by the Panda 3.1

    My website went from #2 on Google, to #11. They publicly came out with the changes on November 18, but I am convinced that they implemented it on the 14th. At the time I had recently done a 301 redirect and I thought that might have been the problem (and it may have) but after reading so many...
  11. seomonopolist

    recently 301 directed my http:// to www.

    Dropped in ranking like crazy, I think it is because all of my links were pointing to the http://. Should I start having my anchor text links point to the www. instead?
  12. seomonopolist

    Is duplicate content in my footer hurting my rankings?

    The way my site was designed, all the text goes into the footer, so if I am optimizing the homepage, it changes all the pages. I have several paragraphs and am wondering if this could be hurting my rankings. Could you do a fellow seo workaholic a favor and have a look and tell me what you think...
  13. seomonopolist

    Service that shares a link on a users facebook page

    Does anyone know of such a service. So far I can only find individuals that will do it on fiverr but I need 500 and that is just too damn expensive. Note: I am not talking about liking a page. I am wanting them to post my link to their homepage.
  14. seomonopolist

    I need help with a site

    Can someone have a look and offer any suggestions. I have been purchasing several services on here but still haven't moved up any the last few weeks. Any help would be appreciated. The domain is: The keywords I need ranked for are "k2 incense" and "herbal incense"
  15. seomonopolist


    Is there anyway to trick into thinking there are more people on my website. I have a wibiya bar at the bottom of my page and I think it scares customers away when they see there are only 1 or 2 people on my site. Is there a way to increase this number somehow? I was thinking about...
  16. seomonopolist

    Xrumer starts out fast at 150/min but eventually links dwindle down to 14/moin

    I am on a VPS 2 gig. Does anyone know what would cause this?
  17. seomonopolist

    Unclear what Successful in Xrumer really means

    I am in register only mode and am going through a list of 434,000 forums. I have a lot of successfuls but when I open the .txt file and check them I cannot find my link anywhere. The only place I have been able to verify my link is in the Profiles tab. Are the successful's worthless? Also...
  18. seomonopolist

    Hrefer Proxy Problem

    Okay, just wanted to check with you guys to see if I have this set up right because Hrefer is only harvesting 22 anonymous proxies every time it checks. Okay so let me explain. Please correct me if I am wrong about anything. In the proxyc folder there is a list.txt file with urls like these...
  19. seomonopolist

    Hello there

    I have been visiting this forum for quite sometime although I have only recently created an account. I love this site and have gotten many ideas from here. I have been doing SEO for over 10 years.
  20. seomonopolist

    Purchasing xrumer today

    If anyone has an aff. link they would like me to use send it my way. I'll use the first one posted. Also I am interested in a good .xas as well as any mods that anyone has for s a l e.