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    How can I get free traffic to a sustainable products store without creative writing/media?

    I don't have creative brains for blogging/YouTube videos so I'm not sure how I'd do this. I'd joint venture with someone but I'm not sure what I'd contribute. If I could find something that I could contribute to this, I'd start learning it now. I guess I'd be more technically-minded, with...
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    What should I do?

    I've looked at a bunch of methods. Instagram is too ban-happy now. I don't want to do anything NSFW. I have no interests so there's no niche I care enough about to do affiliate marketing. I have no creativity so writing/making YT videos isn't an option. I don't have an extroverted-enough...
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    Buying commercial t-shirt/ebook licenses so others promote them?

    Is this too easy/good to be true?
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    How can you use programming knowledge to make money from home that's not freelancing?

    Write and sell bots? What else is there?
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    I spend the day learning and doing SEO and you do whatever you're good at

    Hi! I want to work on a joint business with someone. I'm a 24 year old guy who was born in the U.S. but lives with family in Panama and plan to continue a bachelor's soon. Since I have to bring something to the table, I choose SEO, maybe with PPC and web development. We can do dropshipping...
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    What skill can I offer to small businesses that don't require any creativity?

    Either SEO, PPC, copywriting, web dev, SMM, etc.
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    What's the most in-demand language on this forum that people pay freelancers for?

    I'm thinking of getting into programming to start making bots for people and whatever else.
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    Possibly dumb question but if I manage to get clients but don't have experience, should I..

    Outsource or do the work myself? I don't mind either one.
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    Should I use a web 2.0 creator bot for promoting Clickbank products or make them manually?

    How do you people do this? Is there a bot for it or should I just make them manually until I'm ready to scale?
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    Do you have to email verify ever account you buy?

    I bought aged promo accounts from and don't know how to properly add them to Jarvee. I'm using Proxymillion proxies too but Jarvee doesn't add any of the accounts on bulk import from text file.
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    Why isn't Jarvee's IG account creator working?

    I bought accounts from, use ProxyMillion proxies, added them along with as the email server, although I have no idea if that's the right one. I emailed support but am posting here in case anyone can help and to help future newbies.
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    How much VPS RAM do I need to run 100 accounts?

    I'm looking for budget services but don't know how much RAM I'll need. I'll be using Jarvee and promoting Clickbank products.
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    How can I learn to build a custom IG bot?

    From what I've read, I can't use the API and I'd have to reverse-engineer and whatnot but I don't know how true that is. I want to learn to program anyways, and I finished Sololearn's C++ tutorial even though it's very basic but it's a start. So how would I go about doing this?
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    Anyone here have iGramTool? I'll pay $10 or so to create bulk accounts once

    Would it be a good idea to let someone create accounts for me this way?
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    Do I have to buy all the products I want to review?

    I want to start an micro niche site. Can I just rewrite other reviews or should I make a product purchasing budget?
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    No longer going to simply lurk, but take action. A few questions

    I'm going to work on two methods at the same time because I have the time. Grayhat Instagram and micro-niche sites. Regarding finding keywords for the site, should I pay for kwfinder or buy them from here? I'm a near-total noob. There's also Jaaxy and other tools, and there seems to be little...
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    Is it safe to check an IG account manually on my phone while a bot is running? Also..

    Can I like/comment on posts on my phone while the bot is running as well? I don't know how this works and how to do it safely.
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    Is creating new accounts manually changing IPs enough or is it safer to use buy proxies?

    I started using @Cryogenesis' unlimited accounts creation method but I'm not sure what the difference between using different local IPs and permanent proxies is.
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    OGAds confusion

    Hi, I just bought GMT2 a few days ago and have been running three accounts using a modified Warm Up1 template. Now that I have a traffic source (following accounts so they see mine, obvious), I need to promote something. I know that OGAds can be used as a content locker if you already have...
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    Is there an AI forum register and post/reply bot?

    I'm willing to learn programming and AI just to make one, but I don't know if one already exists. I know that spamming forums would get quick bans so I wonder if there's a bot that can have conversations on forums and then link to money sites/affiliate offers.