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    automotive high quality links

    hi guys I am looking for someone who has established great outreach network in automotive niche i need hight quality guest post links
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    Looking for health/general related links strong authority...

    I am looking for health/general related links with strong authority... Budget per link $$-$$$ PM if you got legit sites with strong authority...
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    Got great idea looking for skilled programmer for joint venture..

    Hello BHW, Searched in the left panel for the right section couldn't find it. Anyways I have a great idea and I am searching for skilled programmer/coder who can create a cloud based software. PM me for more details and would also like to know your skill-lever and work you have already done.
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    Looking for health traffic

    hello bhw members we have a supplement which we sell in the usa, we are getting some conversions with adwords and we did also fb generated some buzz but not much sales. anyways I am looking for some networks or affiliates who are focussing only on health traffic
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    Looking for amazon and sellers URGENT

    Hello I am looking for amazon and ebay sellers who have a big store in health related products We have currently great product and we are searching for resellers. Commission 20-30% Hit me pm if you are interested.
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    Looking for aged health forum accounts

    Hello I am looking for aged health forum accounts to buy or to place posts one as one time fee. If you have please send me a pm.
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    Searching for Ebay & Amazon feedback

    Hello I am looking for established buyer accounts on ebay and amazon, if you have these with good trackrecord please pm because I need feedback to start selling. 5 plus feedback --> 5 dollars 20plus feedback --> 10 dollars 50 plus feedback --> 15 dollars 100+ feedback --> 25 dollars 200 +...
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    Searching for Wikipedia author with good trackrecord to place link $$-$$$

    Hello BHW members, I am searching for Wikipedia author with good track record to place our article online in the health/medical niche. Budget:$$-$$$ PM if you have Wikipedia account with good trackrecord.
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    Need German Wikipedia Author (if possible medical background)

    Hello we are looking for German Wikipedia author with background in medical business. We want to place our article in the German wikipedia, to avoid that our link or page gets deleted we are searching for author with experience and credibility on Wikipedia. Budget: $$-$$$
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    Looking for quality links medical/supplement/nutrition niche

    We are looking for quality links in medical/supplement/nutrition niche. Send me a message if you got good links.
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    How would you approach

    Hello guys, We have discovered a great product that can be used in so many ways. In some parts of Europe this product is well-known. But in USA this is not the case. We want to dominate the market in USA before big boys step in. We are working now on a multi website strategy where we are...
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    Looking for whois database or scrapetool for Europe/USA/ASIA ?

    Hello BHW members, I am looking for a tool where I can scrape whois data. If there is no tool is there a database for this? I am also looking to narrow down the data to recently added domains...
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    Anyone got automotive links to sell?

    I am searching for a supplier who can deliver allot of high quality niche relevant automotive links? If you are the right person shoot me on pm I am looking for more than 50 links (1 link per domain).
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    Creating your own competition how to use PayPal or other checkout system with multiple acc

    Hey, To dominate our market we want to create our own competitors and do SEO for them. I was wondering is it possible to have multiple paypal accounts pointing to the same bankaccount but with different names? Or do does this needs to be unique? If paypal is no solution, is there any other...
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    Searching for e-mail marketeer (no double optin e-mails)

    I am looking for e-mail marketeer who can run for us e-mail campaigns without double optins. Or someone who can guide is the right way regarding these activities. If you are skilled in these kind of things, please PM me your Skype so that we can discuss further. Thanks.
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    Searching for experienced WordPress developer

    We are searching for an experienced WordPress developer, to remake a specific website. Budget: $$$-$$$ Timeframe= unknown Skills: PHP, Javascript, HTML, CSS, Jquery etc. Hit me on skype so that we can discuss: skype:erminc11
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    Looking for French SEO writer/translator with knowlegde of automotive world

    Hey I am looking for a French content writer who has great French writing skills and knowledge of the autmotive business. P.M. your price and your recent work.
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    Looking for Frenc SEO expert

    Hey, I am looking for a French SEO expert with at least two years of experience in this field. We are planning to launch a French blog around automotive stuff. We are looking for someone who will manage our blog and do some whitehat outreach. P.M. your price and ofcourse your work you have...
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    Facebook trick

    Hey everyone, For weeks we have been posting attractive pictures to get likes and websites visits. We spend like 50 dollars each day for one ad, and the stats where pretty solid. However on every 300 engagment(80% image clicks) we got 10/20 webiste visits/url clicks. Today we did something...
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    Facebook new policy

    As most of you know facebook is going to change their policy on 1 January 2015. Advertisers, if rode it correctly. will have now the chance to use pictures from fb users to target their customer audience. I decided to delete all my pictures and to stick only with their advertisement...