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    Why does my competitor have so many of these crap sites that do so well for him.

    What are these mumbo jumbo sites? Add an ml to the end of the link <-----ml My competitor has so many of these links and he's doing well. Do these links actually work? Mangools rates them pretty highly for how bad they...
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    Whats the easiest way to increase shares of a webpage

    I want to increase the share count of this page. Does it all have to be done through this particular page by hitting those buttons? Or can it be done through those sites?
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    How to beat AI content?

    I'm in a niche right now that I enjoy and I'm working on my site trying to grow a brand, but a new competitor has recently joined and is pumping out ai content. He has a few hundred pages of terrible and obvious ai generated content. Its all fluffer content with a ton of grammatical errors, but...
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    Ranking for specific business names. example home depot chainsaw

    Is it possible to achieve a first page ranking at all on a keyword like this. Its literally home depot in the top 10. What would it take to even crack the top 10.
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    Who here has successfully gotten back their Pre-Panda Rankings?

    Has anybody here recovered from panda and got that site to pre-panda rankings or higher? I am referrering to those who did not use a 301 redirect. I've seen people who've claimed they've recovered from penguin, but very few if any for panda. Is it even possible to fully recover from panda?
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    RAnking youtube vids on google

    Does anybody have any tips on getting videos to rank. I dont seem to have a problem getting them to rank, but after a few weeks/month the videos will fall off the first page and I am having a hard time getting them back. What works for you guys to get your videos to rank? Could they possible be...
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    Do I need to alter the audio of an existing video to make it unique?

    Does anybody know if I take a video and just add a random pixel in there if that is enough to make it unique. Do I also need to alter the audio?
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    Have I been hit by Penguin or Panda? Does it really matter?

    I have quite a few sites. A few that were ranking good and then penalized. I'm trying to determine if they were hit by panda or penguin. Site A - Penalized Mid Feb - Not in top 300 Site B - Penalized Mid Feb - Not in top 300 Site C - Penalized Mid April - Not in top 300 Site D - Penalized...
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    Youtube counter updating?

    Sometimes in the related videos section, I will see my video with less views than it actually has. I can click on the video page itself and it is updated, but is there a reason why the counters aren't updated for the sidebar related videos. I figure it would update on its own over time, but does...
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    Preventing a Video from being Flagged or Taken Down

    I hate to say that it has come to this, but a local business has screwed me over. They have taken over $2500 for incomplete work they have done on my property. I have tried to handle this civilly, but they ignore my calls and tell me to go ahead and post the experience online. This wasn't just...
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    What is an appropriate amount of likes per view ratio.

    What is a good amount of likes per view that i should be trying to achieve. Any input would be appreciated.
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    AMR Super slow for anybody else right now

    MY article marketing robot has really been acting up the last 12 hours. Can barely do any submissions. Is this is happening for anyone else
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    Are Vagex views worth less SEO wise than other types of views?

    Does how you get your views matter? Are all view providers providing the same quality views. If I chose another view provider over vagex, would I see better rankings in youtube? in google?
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    How do I fake referrers like this guy did

    This guy has a lot of fake views and he faked the referrers as well. How can I do the same for some of my videos?
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    Does Vagex Keyword Matters?

    I've been using vagex for quite some time and I realized that i've never been putting in a relevant keyword into the Vagex keyword/title section. have I been missing out on some serp boosts or is that largely irrelevant. If someone can tell me if the keyword area matters, I would really...
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    Should I be renew my penalized domains?

    Is there any end in site? Is my site lost for good. I lost a few of my sites in mid Feb., and lost the rest at the end of April. None have come back and I am debating if I should be renewing them or not. Will they ever come back on their own? None of making me a great deal of money, maybe about...
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    Vagex Credits not being spent

    Is there anyway I can speed up the vagex process. I purchased the 100,000 package and spread them out to multiple videos. I have put about 500 credits on the videos that I have on there but vagex is only using about 500 credits a day. What do I need to do to speed this process up. I'd rather...
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    AMR Running SUPER Slow

    Is this happening for anyone else. Since yesterday, AMR has been taking about an hour to do 500 submissions. I am in the process of deleting my database and uninstalling and I was wondering if this has happened for anyone else as well?
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    Where can I buy cheap youtube views for my videos. I need only a few hundred views per vid

    I'm looking for a service that will allow me to add 200-300 views to my videos. I've checked out ytnuke and the minimum was 25 credits. Are there any other places where I can just add a few hundred views to my 10 youtube urls or so?
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    Duplicate Youtube Videos. Will they rank in google

    If I took a duplicate youtube video, will that rank in the Google Serps if I did the appropriate SEO work.