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    Easy $100 A Day - Perfect For Noobs

    Got a question.. I have my site built out, it's more of a hybrid than just a review site (kind of a funnel type site). I have 6 pages dedicated to general information to my niche, 3 pages that are more of a "if you want results then do x", then those pages lead into my 5 reviews. I was...
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    Fill your Adsense Coffer in 2017 with Micro Niche Websites - Updated SEO Guide!

    Sounds interesting, can you please pm me a sample of your work?
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    Mancar's New CLICKBANK product: $50 bonus, Doctor Trusted, VSL, Massive Niche!!

    Awesome work! I deal with this issue quarterly and work it out with Yoga, interested in your product and already have a health site I can slap it on :)
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    Why does WarriorForum has such a low reputation

    It's not all bad, I've found some very interesting people on there that have given out great advice over the years. But with that said it's mostly a bunch of people trying to scam unknowing noobs out of their money.
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    I finally came out to my mum and dad, went very well :)

    Gotta admit I thought that this was gonna be gay but the OP has a pretty good story.
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    how can i get a little start up cash

    Definitely freelance work if you're fast at writing articles you can try a spot like iwriter or something and have you're 15 bucks in a few hours.
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    Keyword Revealer or LTP Platinum?

    I got rid of LTP Platinum because I bought Spencer's LTP University course and he explains how to do keyword analysis and none of it had anything to do with KC. More like check these metrics and compare with the KC that the keyword truly is easy because the KC rates it at 28/100 in difficulty...
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    For Those Who Doubt Global Warming...

    Could be natural occurring, could be a man made phenomena, not going to change anything in our life time.
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    Can I Use Blog Posts Article on Ezine Articles?

    I'm seeing "doubles"
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    Can I Use Blog Posts Article on Ezine Articles?

    You can submit the same article no problem, don't listen to anyone who tells you otherwise. They'll take them as long as "you" are the creator nothing more nothing less. Taken from Ezinearticles editorial guidelines As long as the article is indexed on your site first all other results should...
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    Rewriting works or not ?

    How can they DMCA you if they can't even prove that you copied 100% of the article? A guy I used to follow said it like this "just re-writing someone's work is plagiarism, taking ideas from 3 or more sources is called research". Depends what OP really ends up doing for his site but grabbing...
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    [FREE] phpbuilt's On-Page SEO Guide for 2015 - Remove Penalties and Rank!

    Hey PhPBuilt, Thanks for the awesome share! I'm curious about content uniqueness and how does that play a factor in all of this? I've been thinking about creating a site that is heavy with curated content and wonder what margins/percentages I can play with before Google looks at it and says...
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    Easy $100 A Day - Perfect For Noobs

    Have a question.. I know back when this thread was started it was said that you could rip articles and reviews and post them on your site if you didn't care about rankings within Google. Just curious if I could do this today? As I don't like writing. I know 100% original and unique content...