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    Which Ezoic Alternate will you suggest me for this site?

    (Last month's screenshot) Currently, Ezoic is giving me $0.007 per visitor on average. Last year, it was $0.01 even though the Bounce rate was more and the average duration less! Anyways, now I'm fed up because - 1. Ezoic slows up the speed sometimes! 2. Shows a lot of ads on the site! 3. It...
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    Add Meta Description and Title from WP Rest API?

    Does anyone know how to add Meta Title and meta description through WP Rest API? Like, Yoast has Rest API support but I couldn't find it. Do anyone knows? Help will be appreciated! :)
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    Content Writer Needed [$8 Per 1000 Words] Or More

    I need a content writer that can write well. The price is pretty decent especially after considering the bulk content and repeatability. If your work is really good, then I'll increase the price as we go along.
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    [Help] Spin Rewriter Misplacing HTML Tags and How to correct Grammar?

    I am new to spin rewriter(used WordAI earlier) and tried spinning a couple of articles. The result was not impressive, TBH. But the bigger problem is Spin Rewriter misplacing the HTML tags, which ruins the article, like a couple of paragraphs is just title(as h2 is misplaced), and half the...
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    I Published 66k Articles and now when I search it returns a 504 Gateway Time out error

    SO, I published 66,000+ articles on my Wordpress site and it's on Vultr High Frequency 8GB server, and every time I search something, the server load jumps to 120% and it returns an error causing my site to be shut down for a minute or so. It's on Nginx, and I'm pretty sure it's related to large...
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    [SERIOUS] Does anyone has WordAI API Code in Python?

    I just subscribed for their 3 days trial and I'm running low on time as I am writing this. I tried spinning the articles using an Auto Spinner plugin but it takes so long and gives a 504 Error. Does anyone have code for using wordai API in python? Really appreciate the reply. Also, I have...
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    [Serious ] How To Add Pagination in Wordpress without a plugin?

    DON'T IGNORE! I am making an HTML table on WordPress with 2000 rows and I want to add pagination such that only 20 shows on each page. I don't want to use TablePress or any other plugin! How can I achieve this? I have tried 1000 different methods but nothing worked. Please Help!
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    [Serious Help] Uploading Photos on Wordpress With Selenium

    I am dead figuring out a way to do this on mac. I tried everything but can't figure out a way to do that. If you know the code, please mention it. I tried the .send_keys method but it doesn't work. I tried the action chain to press Command+Shift+G to open the Go To file prompt on my Mac so I can...
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    [Suggestion] I'm making a downloading site and I have a TB of files to upload, where should I do that?

    I am making a downloading site and have around a TB of files to upload. Where can I do that? Cheap and simple!
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    This Software will help you track Performance!?

    I know this is stupid to ask this question in a thread, but I just couldn't find the answer. So, here it goes. What is this website or software or whatever it is? It show the performance of keywords. SS is attached, please check it and answer.
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    Offering High Quality Sports Guest Post!? Anyone?

    Hi, I want a guest post on a sports site. If you or someone you know is offering it, do comment below! Thanks in advance.