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    buying sim cards, bulk & used for PVA's

    Hi BHW! Im looking to buy old, expired or used simcards from the PVA industry. They do not need to work anymore! I'm an artist, and want to recycle them into a sculpture. Please let me know if you have some, and are willing to ship them to Germany. Thanks!
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    Help managing few thousand FB PVA Germany or Holland, urgent

    For a non commercial art project we are looking for someone to help (well payed of course) manage a large group (10k) of FB accounts. We are having the accounts made, but need the best way to manage them (not manually). We need to set up the management system to like and post, and want to do it...
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    Artist making art with SEO

    Hi BHW! Not here to make $$, just want to do cool SEO stuff for the fun and beauty of it. I'm an artist working with SEO, domains, reverse proxies, reverse engineered the google custom search, and had fun with followers. Love reading all the stories, and tricks here on BHW! Have done some...